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Weather is a set of meteorological phenomenons that affect game play in different ways.

Sunny Current.png Sunny Day[]

Biomes: All

Sunny Day is the default weather condition for every zone, and is the most common type of Weather a player will deal with.

On the forecast: Sunny Next.png

Rain Current.png Rainy[]

Biomes: All with the exception of Desert

Rainy is precipitation in the form of water. During this time a survivor's water level will not drop, and any water containers used will be refilled automatically.

On the forecast: Rain Next.png

Snow Current.png Snowy[]

Biomes: Grassland, Frozen Land, Magic Forest, Golden Realm

Snowy is precipitation in the form of snow. The temperature will drop drastically, and depending on the zone a survivor may experience Cold and hypothermia.

On the forecast: Snow Next.png

Wind Current.png Windy[]

Biomes: All

Wind is when the air begins to move. It will choose a direction to blow, and movement along this path will either increase or decrease depending on the survivor going with or against it. Devices that work on wind power will also begin to function during this time.

On the forecast: Wind Next.png

Sandstorm Current.png Sandstorm[]

Biomes: Desert

Sandstorm is a strong wind accompanied by high heat and decreased visibility. The temperature reaches extremely high level, and will slowly decrease health without a heavy amount of protection. Tamed creatures are not affected by this.

On the forecast: Sandstorm Next.png

Thunderstorm Current.png Thunderstorm[]

Biomes: All but Novice Grassland and Desert

Thunderstorm is when the sky begins to crackle with lightning. Trees in the biome will be randomly struck and will burn, and this will produce Charcoal when the fire burns out. The survivor can also be struck. Metal gear, such as armor and the current weapon held, will begin to crackle with electricity, signalling that they have a higher chance of being struck. When hit the player is stunned, dismounted, and any held tamed creatures will be removed. This makes flying in a thunderstorm very dangerous, but can be prevented with a piece of gear.

On the forecast: Thunderstorm Next.png

Magic Rain Current.png Magic Rain[]

Biomes: Magic Forest

On the forecast: Magic Rain Next.png

Miasma Current.png Miasma[]

Biomes: Swamp

On the forecast: Miasma Next.png