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Water Bag (empty).png
Empty water bag.
Water Bag (full).png
Full water bag.

The Water Bag is an item in Pixark.


Can be used to carry a large amount of water with you. Be careful, as it is leaky, and will need to be refilled from time to time.


Crafting Requirements:

4 x Leather

12 x Fiber


Water Bags can be filled from water taps or while under water.

To fill one from a water tap, merely place it in the water tap's inventory and wait a moment for it to fill.

Steps to fill while under water:

1. Put the bag in a slot in your hotbar.

2. Get under water. You must be fully submerged, not merely standing in water.

3. Press the correlating button to fill it.

Additional notes

  • Like with all water containers, you must be fully submerged in water in order to fill a Water Bag when not using a water tap.
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