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Information according to the in-game Museum. Inaccurate information will be marked.
Common Name
March 26, 2018

1Plantable via seeds.

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A Trapa in the wild.

Trapa is a hostile plant found in the Magic Forest. They fire powerful projectiles that poison on hit. Wild trapas are particularly deadly to tames with levels in melee damage as their poison causes creatures to continuously damage themselves for a short duration. Once poisoned by a wild trapa, quick action might save an otherwise doomed tamed by entering their inventory and force-feeding them as much food as possible.

As with other Plant creatures, they have a chance to drop seeds which can be grown in the Large Crop Plot to be used as base defense. Plants requires fertilizer and water to be planted, and must have both at all times or it will die.

Upon being planted, the seed will go through three stages of growth. For Trapa, the first 2 stages take 22 minutes each, and the final stage takes 4 minutes.

A player-grown Trapa fires a projectile which deals 80 damage to the body of a level 1 Paracer. The plant fires approximately once every 3 seconds. It also leaves a purple particle effect at the impact location which seems to just indicate a poison effect that lasts for about 4 seconds and does a considerable amount of DoT damage if you stay in the poison cloud.

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