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Poisoned.png Torpidity is the measure of weariness for a Human or Creature. If your torpidity reaches 200, you will become unconscious and unable to do anything leaving you an easy target to attack or theft.

Since the biggest source of torpidity a player will experience is from hostile attacks, it is advised to wear good Armor to combat the effect inflicted. Torpidity-increasing attacks are affected by the amount of damage they deal that is why wearing Steel Armor heavily increases your chances compared to using Leather Armor. This also goes for the Saddles on tamed creatures.


Torpidity doesn't have the ability to be permanently increased through adding skill points. There are however several ways to increase torpidity on yourself, other players or creatures.



Attacks by Creatures

Torpidity is also increased slowly when starving or dehydrated and will increase with every attack performed without Stamina.


All Creatures and Players have a natural torpidity decay rate which determines how fast they will fight off the torpidity and wake up. Some are extreme other seem to just love to sleep. It is important to know that torpidity decay is always put on hold while torpidity is increasing, so as long as new torpidity is applied a creature or player cannot recover from Unconsciousness.


  • Although no direct increase is given, Fortitude raises your resistance against torpidity-increasing effects.
  • Consuming stimberries or Stimulant will reduce your torpidity actively.
  • By wearing a Simple Mask or Gas Mask it is possible to avoid torpidity infliction by a Poison Grenade.
  • When a player reaches 200 torpidity they will become unconscious until the torpidity is fully depleted.