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Creatures in Pixark can be tamed and used for various purposes. Uses for tamed creatures include riding, item transportation, storage, hunting, harvest, and defending property.

Taming Basics[]

PixARK uses knockout and passive taming.

Taming times and foods for creatures can be found on their page. See Creatures for a list of all creatures.

Creatures can receive a maximum of 65 levels after tame.

Knockout Taming[]

Aggressive creatures must be sedated in some form before taming. Sleepy Arrows, Wood Sticks, and other tools can be used to knockout a creature. Once knocked out, simply add the creature's preferred food to its inventory and the taming process will start. Remember to keep an eye on the creature's knockout timers. Use Narcoberries or Sleepy Potions to keep creatures from waking up. If the creature wakes up, you'll need to restart the taming process and the taming progress of the previous knockout is lost.

Passive Taming[]

Non-aggressive creatures must be tamed through passive feeding. Simply equip the creatures preferred food onto the '0' action bar slot (this is the slot that is farest to the right) and approach the animal, and feed it using the "E" action key.

Tip: As taming progress is related to the Food value of a creature, it is possible to start the process by feeding the creature one preferred food unit and leave it to "starve". You can return later (check out the estimated taming timers on this Wiki) and feed it in much shorter intervals.

Taming Hints[]

When you start out the game the first weapon you will get to knock things out is a Wood Stick. This is a melee weapon that can knock out small creatures and dinos out without killing them (such as a Dilophosaurus). The second weapon you get is the slingshot (this uses flint for ammo). This engram can be unlocked at level 10 and can be used to knock creatures out by hitting them in the head, which is more effective than a Wood Stick, but still not very easy to do later game. When you are level 15, you unlock the Bow and Sleepy Arrows. These arrows will increase a creature's torpidity whenever they are hit and will eventually knock the creature out.

If you want to knock out a magic creature, such as a Pegasus, you will need to use Magic Sleepy Arrow or Magic Tranquilizer Dart. These are unlocked at level 20 and level 57 respectively.

If you want to knock out a cobaltstar creature, such as Cobaltstar Beetle, you will need to use Cobalt Tranquilizer Dart. These are unlocked at level 57.

Taming Related Information[]

Director of Live Operation for Snail Games USA, Peter Kang, explains in an article posted on Player.one that "We felt like the whole dinosaur-farm concept was a poor design choice because it encouraged players to stockpile hundreds of dinosaurs for no reason. It created this scenario where players felt compelled to go online and feed the dinosaurs or they would die,... ...Having an attachment to your dinosaurs is great, but it'd be a lot more fun if you had to tame raid-focused dinosaurs before each raid".