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Primitive Styles[]

Thatch Style

Wood Style

Stone Style

  • The engram for the Stone Ladder mistakenly describes it as "Stone Stairs".

Fine Stone Style

Sandstone Style

Clay Style

Metallurgy Styles[]

Glass Style

  • The Glass Gate is really a door.

Marble Style

Fine Marble Style

Copper Style

  • The Copper Gate is really a door.

Iron Style

Volcanic Rock Style

  • The Volcanic Rock Gate is really a door.

Industrial Styles[]

Steel Style

  • Steel Gate is really a door.

Tempered Glass Style

  • Tempered Glass Gate is really a door.

Magic Styles[]

Magic Wood Style

Flash Rock Style

Dark Wood Style

Sea Crystal Style

Cryolite Style

Architecture Styles[]

Bamboo Style

Western Wood Style

Executive Style

Mediterranean Style

Magic Academy Style

Style Comparison[]

        Beast Gate
Behemoth Gate
Primitive Styles
Thatch Thatch Foundation.png Thatch Wall.png Thatch Ceiling.png Thatch Roof.png Thatch Door.png X X X X X X Leather Sleeping Bag.png X X X X Thatch Carpet.png
Wood Wooden Floor.png Wood Wall.png Wood Ceiling.png Wood Roof.png Wood Door.png Wood Window.png Wood Step.png Wooden Ladder.png Wood Fence.png Wood Chair.png
Wooden Bench.png
Wood Table.png Bed.png Storage Box.png
Large Storage Box.png
Wood Beast Gate.png Wood Behemoth Gate.png Wood Trapdoor.png
Stone Stone Floor.png Stone Wall.png Stone Ceiling.png Stone Roof.png Stone Door.png Stone Window.png Stone Stair.png Stone Ladder.png Stone Railing.png X X X X Stone Beast Gate.png Stone Behemoth Gate.png Stone Trapdoor.png
Fine Stone Fine Stone Foundation.png Fine Stone Wall.png Fine Stone Ceiling.png X X X Fine Stone Stairs.png X Fine Stone Fence.png X X X X X X X
Sandstone Sandstone Foundation.png Sandstone Wall.png Sandstone Ceiling.png X X X Sandstone Stair.png X Sandstone Fence.png X X X X X X X
Clay Clay Foundation.png Clay Wall.png Clay Ceiling.png Clay Roof.png Clay Door.png Clay Window.png Clay Stairs.png X X X X X X X X X
Metallurgy Styles
Glass Glass Floor.png Glass Wall.png Glass Ceiling.png Glass Roof.png Glass Gate.png Glass Window.png X X Glass Fence.png X X X X X X X
Marble Marble Foundation.png Marble Wall.png Marble Ceiling.png X Marble Door.png Marble Window.png Marble Stair.png X Marble Handrail.png X X X X X X X
Fine Marble Fine Marble Foundation.png Fine Marble Wall.png Fine Marble Ceiling.png X X X Fine Marble Stairs.png X Fine Marble Fence.png X X X X X X X
Copper X X X X Copper Gate.png Copper Window.png X X X X X X X X X X
Iron Iron Foundation.png Iron Wall.png Iron Ceiling.png X Iron Gate.png Iron Window.png Iron Stair.png Iron Ladder.png Iron Handrail.png X Iron Table.png X X Iron Beast Gate.png Giant Iron Beast Gate.png Iron Trapdoor.png
Volcanic Rock Volcanic Rock Floor.png Volcanic Rock Wall.png Volcanic Rock Ceiling.png Volcanic Rock Roof.png Volcanic Rock Gate.png Volcanic Rock Window.png Volcanic Rock Step.png Volcanic Rock Ladder.png Volcanic Rock Fence.png Volcanic Rock Chair.png Volcanic Rock Table.png Volcanic Rock Bed.png Volcanic Rock Storage Box.png X X X
Industrial Styles
Steel Steel Foundation.png Steel Wall.png Steel Ceiling.png Steel Roof.png Steel Gate.png Steel Window.png Steel Stairs.png Steel Ladder.png Steel Fence.png X X Bunk Bed.png Vault.png Steel Beast Gate.png Giant Steel Beast Gate.png X
Tempered Glass Tempered Glass Foundation.png Tempered Glass Wall.png Tempered Glass Ceiling.png Tempered Glass Roof.png Tempered Glass Gate.png Tempered Glass Window.png X X Tempered Glass Handrail.png X X X X X X Tempered Glass Trapdoor.png
Magic Styles
Magic Wood Magic Wood Foundation.png Magic Wood Wall.png Magic Wood Ceiling.png Magic Wood Roof.png Magic Wood Door.png Magic Wood Window.png Magic Wood Stair.png Magic Wood Ladder.png Magic Wood Railing.png X X X X Magic Wood Beast Gate.png Magic Wood Behemoth Gate.png Magic Wood Trapdoor.png Magic Carpet.png
Flash Rock Flash Rock Floor.png Flash Rock Wall.png Flash Rock Ceiling.png Flash Rock Roof.png Flash Rock Door.png Flash Rock Window.png Flash Rock Stairs.png Flash Rock Ladder.png Flash Rock Fence.png Flash Rock Chair.png Flash Rock Table.png Flash Rock Bed.png Flash Rock Storage Box.png X X X
Dark Wood Dark Wood Floor.png Dark Wood Wall.png Dark Wood Ceiling.png Dark Wood Roof.png Dark Wood Door.png Dark Wood Window.png Dark Wood Step.png Dark Wood Ladder.png Dark Wood Fence.png Dark Wood Chair.png Dark Wood Table.png Dark Wood Bed.png Dark Wood Storage Box.png X X X
Sea Crystal Sea Crystal Floor.png Sea Crystal Wall.png Sea Crystal Ceiling.png Sea Crystal Roof.png Sea Crystal Door.png Sea Crystal Window.png Sea Crystal Step.png Sea Crystal Ladder.png Sea Crystal Fence.png Sea Crystal Chair.png Sea Crystal Table.png Sea Crystal Bed.png Sea Crystal Storage Box.png X X X
Cryolite Cryolite Floor.png Cryolite Wall.png Cryolite Ceiling.png Cryolite Roof.png Cryolite Door.png Cryolite Window.png Cryolite Step.png Cryolite Ladder.png Cryolite Fence.png Cryolite Chair.png Cryolite Table.png Cryolite Bed.png Cryolite Storage Box.png X X X
Architecture Styles
Bamboo Bamboo Foundation.png Bamboo Wall.png Bamboo Ceiling.png Bamboo Roof.png Bamboo Door.png Bamboo Window.png Bamboo Stair.png X Bamboo Handrail.png Bamboo Chair.png Bamboo Table.png X X X X X Bamboo Divider.png
Bamboo Lamp.png
Western Western Wood Floor.png Western Wood Wall.png Western Ceiling.png Western Roof.png Western Wood Door.png Western Wood Window.png Western Wood Stair.png X Western Wood Fence.png Western Wood Chair.png Western Wood Table.png Western Wood Bed.png Western Storage Box.png X X X Western Wood Bridge.png
Executive Executive Style Floor.png Executive Style Wall.png Executive Style Ceiling.png Executive Style Roof.png Executive Style Door.png Executive Style Window.png Executive Style Step.png X Executive Style Fence.png X X X X X X X Executive Style Bridge.png
Executive Style Sign.png
Mediterranean Mediterranean Foundation.png Mediterranean Wall.png Mediterranean Ceiling.png Mediterranean Roof.png Mediterranean Gate.png Mediterranean Window.png Mediterranean Stair.png X Mediterranean Fence.png Mediterranean Chair.png Mediterranean Table.png Mediterranean Bed.png Mediterranean Storage Box.png X X X Mediterranean Bridge.png
Magic Academy Magic Academy Floor.png Magic Academy Stone Wall.png Magic Academy Ceiling.png Magic Academy Roof.png Magic Academy Gate.png Magic Academy Stone Window.png Magic Academy Stairs.png X Magic Academy Fence.png Magic Academy Chair.png Magic Academy Table.png Magic Academy Bed.png Magic Academy Storage Box.png X X X Magic Academy Bridge.png