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March 26, 2018

1Plantable via seeds.

Check mark transparent.svg Yes

A Sporeshroom in the wild.

Sporeshroom is a species of hostile found only in the Dark Forest biome's center and caves. They fire large projectiles which deal heavy damage.

As with other Plant creatures, they have a chance to drop seeds which can be grown in the Large Crop Plot to be used as online base defense. Plants requires fertilizer and water to be planted, and must have both at all times or it will die.

Upon being planted, the seed will go through three stages of growth. For Sporeshroom, the first 2 stages take 22 minutes each, and the final stage takes 10 hours and 42 minutes. Sporeshroom takes longer than any other Plant creature to fully mature.

When it reaches maturity, it will begin its life asleep, which means it cannot attack enemies. While asleep, Sporeshroom will use approximately 30 fertilizer per 7 minutes. Awake however, it will use approximately 100,000 fertilizer per 7 minutes. This makes this plant a no-go for offline base defense as it will die within an hour or so of going offline, but it can be a powerful defense when you are online and able to activate it.

The sporeshroom has a fairly short range but poisons and slows with what seems to be a % chance (not every hit poisons/slows you). The range on them is about 15 blocks.

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