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Common Name

1Cobalt Tranquilizer

X mark transparent.svg No

Void Lands


The Smallpatrol is a creature in PixARK Skyward DLC


Can Be captured with the Alien Research Platform to produce Alien Equipment Piece or Alien Building Piece.


Often found flying between biomes, these small, dark blue creatures are highly aggressive and will chase after any player who gets to close. Players who are on lower level mounts, or taming on the cloud floor should take caution, as their small size can make them hard to see.


Loot Crate


Smallpatrols are only tameable by shooting it with a Cobalt Tranquilizer Dart from a Longneck Rifle. They will only eat Cobalt Battery to tame, and will continue to only eat them after they are tamed. Due to this it is advised to keep it in a PixBlock state when not in use. A good way to tame a Small Patrol is to lure it either to a nearby biome or to the cloud floor, and kite it around while shooting it.

Note: Non-magical Sleepy Arrows fired from a bow or crossbow deliver extra torpor over time for 5 seconds after impact. Only two instances of this effect can be in effect at once - a third arrow hit before the effect has fully resolved will result in potential torpor being wasted. For maximum efficiency, time your shots so that they land 5 seconds apart. The numbers given here are assuming you do so.

For passive tames, there is a long wait between the first and second feedings as the creature eats, after which it follows the feeding intervals listed. These feeding intervals are estimates - the actual interval will vary per-creature based on random chance.
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Small, fast, and agile, these creatures should be avoided until the player had obtained a good flyer capable of taking and delivering a moderate amount of damage.


Combat flyers such as Wyverns, Gryphons, and Argentavis should easily be able to defeat any Smallpatrol. It is possible to kill Smallpatrols with pteranodons CSpin attack, to begin harvesting Alien Pieces at early levels, however with health pools able to go above 3000, stamina can prove to be an issue. Rifles are another viable method to quickly kill Smallpatrols.


Primarily used in the Alien Research Platform to produce Alien Equipment Piece or Alien Building Piece.

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