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Seeds refers to any drops which may be used for Farming by planting and growing them. Seeds can be acquired from berry bushes, trees, and plant creatures.


Berry Seeds can be found by using a sickle on bushes. The berry seeds that can be found are:

Rare Berries[]

Rare berries and their seeds can only be found in the center zones of particular biomes. Their berries are used in the making of specific dyes.


Crop Seeds can be found by using a sickle on grass. Truffles, while harvested from mushrooms, are included as they are also planted on normal soil. The crop seeds that can be found are:

Magical Plants[]

The seeds of magical plants must be planted in either magic soil or other exotic soils, as indicated by their descriptions. The magical seeds that can be found are:


Tree seeds are uncommon drops that can be found by using an iron axe on trees. Some dinos are also able to harvest tree seeds. Different trees give different tree seeds. The tree seeds that can be found are:

Plant Creatures[]

Seeds from plant creatures can sometimes be found by killing and harvesting them.