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Also known as dungeons, Ruins are in game structures that house difficult enemies and valuable loot. Each ruin will have a specific format that is unique to the biome it's present in, and the creatures inside are much more difficult than their normal counterparts. The primary reason to explore these dungeons are the chests that are scattered around their interiors, and can drop some of the most important items a player can create. They also have unique drops that can not be found anywhere else, and the higher tier ruins will have better quality weapons and armor as well.

Ruins are not biomes in of themselves, but each ruin will always be found within one or two associated parent biomes. The ruins do not seem to directly be named in-game, but their component blocks are therefore all of the ruins have been named after their blocks for this Wiki.

Ruin Name Parent Biome(s)
Broken Ruin Grassland and Mountain Forest
Dungeon Ruin Swamp
Ice Ruin Frozen Land
Moss Ruin Golden Realm Caves
Ocean Ruin Deep Ocean
Pyramid Ruin Desert and Golden Realm
Relic Ruin Magic Forest and Swamp

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike Mines and sub-biomes, Ruins can have more than one parent biome in which they are found.
  • Patch 1.13 changed ruins so that they could no longer have structures built within 8 tiles. Any previous player-placed structures would remain and natural blocks [ex dirt or rock] can still be placed nearby.