Pyramid Ruin

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Pyramid Ruin

Pyramid Ruin.jpg
Desert, Golden Realm
Features: Tall Egyptian Pyramid
Bosses: Mummy King
Dangers: Traps
Enemies: Dung Beetle (Elite), Emperor Scorpion (Elite), Gem Spider (Elite), Mummy (Elite)

Pyramid Ruins are found in both the Desert and Golden Realm Biomes. Pyramid ruins are comprised of Pyramid Ruins Cubes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Pyramid Ruins are easily spotted from afar by their distinctive Egyptian appearance. Its guardians include Dungbeetles, Gem Spiders, and Mummies. Beware for numerous traps which include spikes and toxic gas.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Traps and normal mobs[edit | edit source]

Known traps so far

  • Spike trap: noted by a tiny green spike in the center of the block can be covered by a block of dirt, etc but to be safe cover it with a 3x3 of building block
  • Poison arrow trap: noted by a stone slate with 3 holes/ darker spots. shoots 12 blocks out form the block once activated by motion in the same line 4 blocks out of trap. trap can be blocked by placing one block in front on the trap if you want to walk by it, 2 blocks tall/wide to walk above the trap
  • Poison spray trap: looks identical to arrow trap, blockable by putting a block on the floor
  • Poison gas: gas mask? cover with a block?
  • Some form of fog gas maybe its just fog that hides spikes: unsure how it kills as no spikes where found when i went in to creator mode, but you can block this trap by just placing a block trough the trap
  • 3/top floor: 1 elite scorpion 1 chest
  • 2nd floor: 1 gem spider, 1 chest
  • ground/entrance floor:
    • Entrance hall: 2 ruins dung beetles, no traps, chest under the sand at the end of the hall
    • Left door: 3 beetles (2 in front of stairs 1 behind), 1 spider (back of the stairs),1-2 mummies (1 right of the stairs, sometimes 1 guarding the stairs down (possibly one in the same)) chest behind the stairs to the right
      • Door in left room: 1 mummy guarding 1 chest
    • Right door: only "trap" in this room is the semi collapsed you will need dirt or building material to go up the stiars Mobs: 3 beetles (2 in front of stairs 1 behind), 2 spider (1 back of the stairs, the other is guarding the stairs down), 1 chest behind the stairs to the left
      • Door in right room: 3 beetles? or 2 and 1 spider? anyways 3 mobs, 1 chest, no traps
        • Stairs down: 1 beetle, no traps, no chests
          • Back room up the stairs: 1 elite scorpion, 1 chestBEWARE TRAPS START NOW and they are relentless and unstoppable
  • Basement one:
    • Down either left or right door stairs: total 5 spike traps, 2 one which ever stairs you take down one in the center of the hall. be aware the hall is 4 wide and so if you go down the left door stairs the spike block will be on the second from the right block and the next section will be on the right visa versa if coming down the other stairs
      • Convergence room: 4 spike traps, 2 mummys you can usuallu shoot one mummy and the meat dropped will attract the other one
        • Left door: 2 beetles sometimes 3 if the other from he next room crawls over, 2 spike traps, first is in the 4 block from the door, turn left and there is usually a beetle, turn right and 6 blocks from the end of the hall will be the spike trap, turn left and there will be the last beetle of this room
          • Poison dart left curve room: block the traps with dirt and hug the left wall, when you come to the turn stop short and block the trap in front of you
            • after the darts room there should be a door with 1 beetle and poison spray traps, put dirt atleast one high on the floor to try to block the poison 2 to be safer, there are spray traps on the stairs as well
              • down the stairs (side note I was not able to get past the stairs on survivial mode) is a gas pool and to the left and right and rooms containing a chest each and a spray trap facing the entrance. there are 3 beetles as well
  • theres more but the editing wont let me put it in