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The Primitive skill is one of the engram skill trees.

List of engrams[]

Note: the following tables are incomplete, but are set up to automatically update as more pages are filled in.

Required level: 0
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wood Axe.png Wood Axe 0
Wood Pickaxe.png Wood Pickaxe 0
Torch.png Torch 0
Wood Stick.png Wood Stick 0
Required level: 1
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Campfire.png Campfire 3
Required level: 2
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Cloth Boots.png Cloth Boots 2
Cloth Gloves.png Cloth Gloves 2
Cloth Hat.png Cloth Hat 2
Cloth Shirt.png Cloth Shirt 3
Cloth Pants.png Cloth Pants 3
Required level: 3
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Thatch Ceiling.png Thatch Ceiling 3
Thatch Foundation.png Thatch Foundation 3
Thatch Wall.png Thatch Wall 3
Required level: 5
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Thatch Carpet.png Thatch Carpet 3
Pachy Saddle.png Pachy Saddle 9
Thatch Door.png Thatch Door 3
Rope Ladder.png Rope Ladder 3
Required level: 6
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Spear.png Spear 3
Required level: 7
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wood Step.png Wood Step 3
Wood Wall.png Wood Wall 3
Wood Ceiling.png Wood Ceiling 3
Construction Hut.png Construction Hut
Wooden Floor.png Wooden Floor 3
Required level: 9
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wood Window.png Wood Window 2
Signboard on Wood Wall.png Signboard on Wood Wall 2
Wood Door.png Wood Door 3
Wood Spike Wall.png Wood Spike Wall 3
Wooden Spike.png Wooden Spike 3
Wood Fence.png Wood Fence 2
Required level: 10
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Standing Torch.png Standing Torch 4
Megalodon Helmet.png Megalodon Helmet 0
T. Rex Bone Helmet.png T. Rex Bone Helmet 0
Stone Axe.png Stone Axe 8
Stone Pick.png Stone Pick 4
Terror Bird Beak Helmet.png Terror Bird Beak Helmet 0
Phiomia Saddle.png Phiomia Saddle 6
Parasaur Saddle.png Parasaur Saddle 9
Bed.png Bed 4
Wooden Bench.png Wooden Bench 3
Wooden Ladder.png Wooden Ladder 4
Rabbit Ear Hat.png Rabbit Ear Hat 0
Slingshot.png Slingshot 4
Triceratops Bone Helmet.png Triceratops Bone Helmet 0
Chitin Paste.png Chitin Paste 0
Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot 6
Required level: 12
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Clay Foundation.png Clay Foundation 6
Stimulant.png Stimulant 4
Wood Trapdoor.png Wood Trapdoor 4
Clay Stairs.png Clay Stairs 4
Clay Wall.png Clay Wall 4
Clay Window.png Clay Window 4
Preserving Bin.png Preserving Bin 4
Clay Door.png Clay Door 4
Required level: 14
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Dodo Nest.png Dodo Nest 6
Required level: 15
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Thorny Boar Saddle.png Thorny Boar Saddle 8
Feeding Trough.png Feeding Trough 6
Leather Boots.png Leather Boots 4
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow 4
Leather Coat.png Leather Coat 6
Leather Gloves.png Leather Gloves 4
Balloon Parachute.png Balloon Parachute 6
Leather Helmet.png Leather Helmet 4
Leather Pants.png Leather Pants 6
Sleepy Arrow.png Sleepy Arrow 8
Bow.png Bow 6
Candle.png Candle
Sleepy Potion.png Sleepy Potion 4
Required level: 16
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Stone Floor.png Stone Floor 6
Stone Ladder.png Stone Ladder 6
Stone Door.png Stone Door 6
Stone Ceiling.png Stone Ceiling 4
Stone Trapdoor.png Stone Trapdoor 4
Stone Wall.png Stone Wall 4
Stone Railing.png Stone Railing 4
Stone Window.png Stone Window 6
Required level: 18
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Sandstone Fence.png Sandstone Fence 6
Sandstone Foundation.png Sandstone Foundation 6
Sandstone Wall.png Sandstone Wall 6
Sandstone Stair.png Sandstone Stair 6
Stone Stair.png Stone Stair 4
Sandstone Ceiling.png Sandstone Ceiling 6
Required level: 20
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Simple Mask.png Simple Mask 10
Wood Hatch.png Wood Hatch 6
Candle Helmet.png Candle Helmet 10
Ichthyosaurus Saddle.png Ichthyosaurus Saddle 10
Carbonemys Saddle.png Carbonemys Saddle 10
Required level: 21
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Styptic.png Styptic 8
Vigor Agent.png Vigor Agent 8
Required level: 22
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Hanging Wall Torch.png Hanging Wall Torch 8
Required level: 23
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Blind Arrow.png Blind Arrow 0
Required level: 27
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Stone Beast Gate.png Stone Beast Gate 10
Required level: 28
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wooden Lifting Track.png Wooden Lifting Track 10
Small Wood Lifting Platform.png Small Wood Lifting Platform 8
Required level: 29
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Fur Boots.png Fur Boots 10
Fur Coat.png Fur Coat 10
Fur Gloves.png Fur Gloves 10
Fur Helmet.png Fur Helmet 10
Fur Pants.png Fur Pants 10
Required level: 30
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Triceratops Saddle.png Triceratops Saddle 14
Angler Saddle.png Angler Saddle 14
Stone Hatch.png Stone Hatch 4
Raptor Saddle.png Raptor Saddle 14
Stone Fireplace.png Stone Fireplace
Required level: 32
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Phiomia Hut.png Phiomia Hut
Required level: 38
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Large Storage Box.png Large Storage Box 12
Required level: 45
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Stone Behemoth Gate.png Stone Behemoth Gate 22
Required level: 48
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Marble Ceiling.png Marble Ceiling 20
Marble Foundation.png Marble Foundation 24
Marble Handrail.png Marble Handrail 20
Marble Wall.png Marble Wall 24
Marble Stair.png Marble Stair 20
Required level: 50
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Large Crop Plot.png Large Crop Plot