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Plateau Iron Mine

Parent Biome:
Frozen Land
Features: Dips or hills in the landscape
Resources: Iron, Silver, Gold
Water Magic Stone, Sulfur, Sharp Crystal

Structure of ore layers

A mine appearing as a dip in the land

The Plateau Iron Mine is a Mine featured within Pixark. It gives many high level resources.


The Plateau Iron Mine contains large amounts of Silver and Gold, being one of the best locations for them as well as Sharp Crystal.



  • A 'Plateau' in the real world is a raised flat area of land. [1]
  • Although a Plateau[1] is a raised flat of land, the ore is usually found in dips in the landscape of Frozen Lands.
  • The name 'Plateau', in this case, is most likely a reference to the name of the Frozen Land biome's center zone, Snowy Plateau, however they can be found throughout the biome.


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