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Parent Biome:
Features: Rolling hills
Resources: Wood, Berries, Thatch, Seeds, Clay, Fiber

The Plateau is the center zone of the Grassland Biome. Plateaus can be identified by their rolling hills and the presence of Plateau Trees. Out of all of the center biomes, the Plateau stands out the least from its parent biome. Its unique tree can sometimes be found in the surrounding Grassland's outer ring and they both share all of the same small plants and bushes.

Utility[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The grassland center's name of the Plateau is referenced in the Museum in the description of its unique tree, the Plateau Tree.
  • PixARK includes the name "plateau" in several other unrelated sub-biome references such as the Snowy Plateau of the Frozen Land and some of the Mines.