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Novice Grassland

Novice Grassland.jpg
Child Biomes:
Unique None
Cave: None
Mine: None
Ruin: None
Temperature:  ???
Weather: Sunny Day
Dangers: None
Flora: Novice Grassland Trees, Bushes, Grass
Resources: Wood, Berries, Thatch, Seeds, Fiber

Novice Grassland is a calm biome and a great spot for beginners.

When entering this biome from an adjacent biome, most hostile creatures from that biome will also de-aggro the player, and no longer aggro them until they leave Novice Grassland, including when attacked. This does not apply when the player is mounted, and this only applies to players, not any tamed creatures, so be careful when leaving tames outside when dangerous biomes are nearby.


Unlike all of the other major biomes in PixARK, the Novice Grassland does not have any sub-biomes.