Moss Ruin

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Moss Ruin

Moss Ruin.jpg
Golden Realm
Features: Deep Underground, Exposed via Caves
Bosses: Onyc (Elite)
Emperor Scorpion (Elite)
Enemies: Dilophosaurus (Elite)
Notable Drops:

The Moss Ruin is always found buried fully underground, with only parts of it exposed to nearby cave systems of the Golden Realm. Moss ruins are comprised of Moss Ruins Cubes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Moss Ruins have the appearance of Mayan ruins and are comprised of one large entrance surrounding a spiral staircase that extends down to numerous rooms and levels. Its guardians are mostly Dilophosaurus, but there is a "boss room" which is normally guarded by a single elite Onyc and elite Emperor Scorpion.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Due to the low power levels of its guardians, Moss Ruins are good spots for low level characters, but their hidden nature makes this very unpractical.

Those that do manage to find one early on can farm its guardians and numerous chests for Gold Ingots, Spring_Steel_Shoes, and various Iron Armors.

Notes[edit | edit source]