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These are special biomes that can spawn inside other biomes, and contain specific mineral resources that can be mined. While each mine is named after their primary material they also contain smaller amount of materials, usually sandwiched in layers as the primarily mineral is stripped away. These mines can range in size greatly, from a small mine with few secondary materials to massive mountains that contain hundreds of unique minerals and other things. These can also assist greatly in finding specific materials as well.

Mine Name Parent Biome
Brenstone Mine Swamp
Magic Mine Dark Forest
Plains Coal Mine Grassland
Plains Copper Mine Mountain Forest
Plateau Iron Mine Frozen Land
Plateau Iron Pit Golden Realm
Plateau Magic Pit Magic Forest
Quartz Pit Desert
Silver Pit Doom Lands

Skyward[edit | edit source]

Mine Name Parent Biome
Woodland Mine Woodland
Glittering Ridge Mine Glittering Ridge
Twilight Woods Mine Twilight Woods
Mystical Valley Mine Mystical Valley
Crystal Island Mine Crystal Island
Cobalt Island Mine Cobalt Island
Blackrock Mountain Mine Blackrock Mountain
Burial Ground Mine Burial Ground
Wasteland Mine Wasteland

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • PixARK uses the terms Mine and Pit fairly interchangeable and merely to designate the different biome's associated Mine name.
  • Despite using the name "mine" or "pit", most Mines can be found as either sharply rising hillocks or sunken depressions in the surrounding landscape.
  • While in or over any given Mine, its name can be seen listed in the players' HUD.