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The Metallurgy skill is one of the engram skill trees.

List of engrams[]

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Required level: 20
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Silver Ingot.png Silver Ingot 0
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot 0
Gasoline.png Gasoline 0
Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot 0
Pteranodon Saddle.png Pteranodon Saddle 10
Required level: 23
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Flame Feather Costume.png Flame Feather Costume 0
Required level: 24
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Copper Axe.png Copper Axe 8
Copper Pickaxe.png Copper Pickaxe 8
Required level: 25
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Copper Sword.png Copper Sword 8
Glass Gate.png Glass Gate 8
Glass Window.png Glass Window 8
Copper Boots.png Copper Boots 12
Copper Breastplate.png Copper Breastplate 12
Copper Gloves.png Copper Gloves 12
Glass Fence.png Glass Fence 8
Copper Helmet.png Copper Helmet 12
Glass Ceiling.png Glass Ceiling 8
Copper Leggings.png Copper Leggings 12
Glass Wall.png Glass Wall 8
Glass Floor.png Glass Floor 8
Required level: 27
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Copper Window.png Copper Window 8
Copper Spear.png Copper Spear 10
Copper Gate.png Copper Gate 10
Required level: 30
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Copper Bone Sword.png Copper Bone Sword 12
Copper Bone Pants.png Copper Bone Pants 10
Doedicurus Saddle.png Doedicurus Saddle 14
Terror Bird Saddle.png Terror Bird Saddle 14
Copper Bone Boots.png Copper Bone Boots 10
Copper Bone Shirt.png Copper Bone Shirt 10
Copper Bone Gloves.png Copper Bone Gloves 10
Copper Bone Helmet.png Copper Bone Helmet 10
Required level: 31
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Lightning Protection Helmet.png Lightning Protection Helmet 10
Required level: 35
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Crossbow.png Crossbow 14
Required level: 36
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Spring Chitin Shoes.png Spring Chitin Shoes 12
Beelzebufo Saddle.png Beelzebufo Saddle 9
Required level: 40
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Helmet.png Iron Helmet 16
Iron Sword.png Iron Sword 16
Shadow Leopard Saddle.png Shadow Leopard Saddle 16
Iron Leggings.png Iron Leggings 16
Ankylo Saddle.png Ankylo Saddle 16
Iron Gloves.png Iron Gloves 16
Metal Sickle.png Metal Sickle 18
Hippocampus Saddle.png Hippocampus Saddle 16
Iron Breastplate.png Iron Breastplate 16
Iron Axe.png Iron Axe 18
Iron Boots.png Iron Boots 16
Iron Pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe 18
Procoptodon Saddle.png Procoptodon Saddle 16
50px Cave Hyena Saddle
Iron Spring Boots.png Iron Spring Boots 16
Required level: 45
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Argentavis Saddle.png Argentavis Saddle 28
Required level: 50
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Manta Saddle.png Manta Saddle 20
Megalodon Saddle.png Megalodon Saddle 20
Iron Wall.png Iron Wall 24
Armadillo Saddle.png Armadillo Saddle 20
Stegosaurus Saddle.png Stegosaurus Saddle 16
Iron Ceiling.png Iron Ceiling 20
Paracer Saddle.png Paracer Saddle 20
Carnotaurus Saddle.png Carnotaurus Saddle 20
Panda Saddle.png Panda Saddle 10
Iron Bone Boots.png Iron Bone Boots 18
Iron Foundation.png Iron Foundation 24
Iron Bone Gloves.png Iron Bone Gloves 18
Iron Bone Helmet.png Iron Bone Helmet 18
Iron Bone Pants.png Iron Bone Pants 18
Iron Bone Shirt.png Iron Bone Shirt 18
Iron Stair.png Iron Stair 20
Sarco Saddle.png Sarco Saddle 20
Iron Bone Sword.png Iron Bone Sword 24
Required level: 52
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Gate.png Iron Gate 20
Iron Trapdoor.png Iron Trapdoor 20
Iron Chair.png Iron Chair 18
Iron Table.png Iron Table 18
Iron Ladder.png Iron Ladder 20
Iron Window.png Iron Window 20
Iron Rod.png Iron Rod 18
Iron Signpost.png Iron Signpost 20
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear 20
Iron Handrail.png Iron Handrail 18
Required level: 54
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Beast Gate.png Iron Beast Gate 28
Required level: 55
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Signboard.png Iron Signboard 20
Required level: 60
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Giant Iron Beast Gate.png Giant Iron Beast Gate 32
Manta Platform Saddle.png Manta Platform Saddle 24
Iron Hatch.png Iron Hatch 28
Quetzal Saddle.png Quetzal Saddle 24
Required level: 65
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Vault.png Vault 32
Required level: 70
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Sauropod Saddle.png Sauropod Saddle 36
Paracer Platform Saddle.png Paracer Platform Saddle 36
T. Rex Saddle.png T. Rex Saddle 36