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Magic Mine

Magic Mine.png
Parent Biome:
Dark Forest
Features: Glowing stones at night
Resources: Thunder Magic Stone, Wind Magic Stone, Fire Magic Stone, Earth Magic Stone
Iron, Water Magic Stone, Air?, Light Magic Stone

The Magic Mine is a child Biome of the Dark Forest.


A Magic Mine features a large depression in the Dark Forest, often in the side of a hill.

Cross section of ore layers


Magic Mines contain large amounts of Thunder Magic Stones, Wind Magic Stones, Fire Magic Stones, and Earth Magic Stones. Below Iron veins are smaller amounts of Water Magic Stones and Light Magic Stones.


Being inside the Dark Forest means that there are numerous dangerous enemies that patrol the area and which can spawn right on top of you. Be careful about your mount and watch your surroundings closely as the denizens of the Dark Forest are both fast and powerful and can quickly blindside you.