Pixark Wiki

The Inventory in Pixark is the survivor's ability to hold all sorts of different items. It has a total of 31 slots plus 10 hot bar slots. Items that have weight that are placed in your inventory will count towards the max weight you can hold. Part of the inventory screen is located at the top of the page, these are armor slots for a helmet, chest plate, pants, gloves, boot/shoes and an offhand slot for a shield. To move things from your inventory to your hot bar, you will need to drag and drop them or double click the item. You can also hold the SHIFT key while dragging a stack of items to cut it in half. Holding SHIFT while doubling clicking a stack will transfer 5 from the stack into the storage or inventory you're transferring to. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the inventory screen to "USE ITEM", "Drop Item", "Repair Item", "DROP ALL ITEMS" or when you are in a storage container you will also have use of "Transfer All" and "Transfer Like Items" which can be used to move your whole inventory into the storage container, or to move the items that are alike the items already in the storage container. The last part of the inventory UI are the character stats consisting of a breakdown of your characters abilities.


By default to open your inventory, you must use the ( i ) button. This is configurable in the settings to change the button that will open your inventory. For easier access a good key to assign for your inventory is the TAB key.

Inventory Screen.jpg