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Starting out[]

  • You can stay in the new player areas (Novice) for as long as you like with minor hostiles and predominately passive creatures, which makes the gameplay overall easier until the player is ready to advance.
  • Beginning areas have creatures such as Phiomia, Pteranodon, Big-Ear Rabbit, and Pachy. More difficult areas contain creatures like Dire Wolves and Carnotaurus to the massive T. Rex and Soul Reaper.


On a PVP server, it is not really recommended to pick a rider off his Creature with a Pteranodon since a high-level player will likely have a pretty strong melee weapon in their hotbar which could kill your Pteranodon in a single hit.

I recommend you to craft airship. Place stone railings on the side of the ship and build down. Remove the 2 middle ones and then you have fully closed airship. You can go and raid any base with a Canon and this ship. Turrets are not gonna hit you. Good Luck!

Gathering resources[]

Speed Leveling Guide (early Game)[]

  • As soon as you start, grab everything you can from the ground (Berries and Bushes) and hit the lower part of a tree with your fist. Craft wooden tools in your inventory, then kill all Big-Ear Rabbits and Dodos with them to get meat, leather and fur.
  • As soon as you hit level 6 unlock the Spear and craft one. Now also kill Phiomia (hit their head and walk backwards) and maybe some Dilophosaurus and Pachys.
  • Craft stone tools as soon as you can.
  • When you hit level 15, craft a Bow and Stone Arrows (you need Wood and Flint for the arrows). It can usually kill Pachy in one shot to the head. Find a Broken Ruin in the Grassland and shoot the coyotes inside. They give more than a level per kill. (arrows to the face, run away, turn and shoot).
  • When you hit level 20, tame a Pteranodon and use it to find a Magic Forest and kill 1-2 Gem Spiders. Harvest all their gems, gather some Magic Berries, and cut some trees with a hatchet for Mageweave Bark. Use these materials to craft Magic Sleepy Arrows to tame a Gargoyle, using Raw Thigh Meat for a faster results. Kill whatever you can kill with the Gargoyle, to gain fast experience points.
  • (UPDATED) (This isn't viable now as just the little mobs of Icicle Dragons on the first floor will kill you quick without at least iron armor or better and an iron bone sword or better) As soon as you can learn Fur Armor (Level 29) craft it and go to a Snow Biome and look for an Ice Castle kill all the Creatures to level up even Faster. (with the Gargoyle since they Regenerate health faster than you can kill them) DON'T fight the Minibosses! (Tested with 2 Gargoyle one with 200% melee and one with 150% melee on attacking target over 30mins and she? was still alive Voltarendolo92 (talk) 06:10, 12 April 2018 (UTC))
  • If you found a Gryphon or Ghost Dragon saddle, tame the Creature even a level 20 will be much stronger than your Gargoyle.
  • As soon as you hit Level 60 Learn the Griffin Saddle (If you didn't found a Saddle so far) and craft one.
  • (UPDATED) Keep killing the Ice Castles as often as you can (w/iron armor or better and either an iron bone sword or bone wand/master wand loaded with fire or maybe wind).They give a good amount of EXP.


  • To find other Biomes early game without a flyer craft some Gliders, kill yourself with Revive in the pause menu (keep in mind that you lose your inventory, but not your hotbar) and spawn. Open your Glider immediately so you can look for the Biomes as you glide.

PVP Tips[]

  • Dont build on the surface (unless you know what you are doing).
  • Defensive plants like Trapa, Chomper or Muscipula are a good way to defend your base when offline (Keep an eye on the fertilizer).
  • Pump Shotguns with upgraded damage are strong!
  • Have enough respawn beds. When you're getting raided you want to be able to respawn in your Base.
  • Keep stuff with high value safe. For example: If they get your chest with all your ammo, you can't shoot back anymore and you'll need to fight with a melee weapon like a sword or spear.