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Firearm Worktable
Firearm Worktable.png
You can modify your firearms here.
Type Crafting
Health 400
Item slots 75
Size 2L × 1W × 2H
Weight 4
Stack size 100
Item ID 1178
Spawn Command
cheat giveitemnum 1178 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/CubeWorld/Blueprints/Buildings/BuildingBPs/CW_BuildingBP_Lathe.CW_BuildingBP_Lathe'" 1 0 0
Required level Level 33
Crafting Time 3s
Used to craft 0 items
Used to craft 0 items
Crafted in Workbench.png Workbench
Resources breakdown
20 × Wood.png Wood
5 × Leather.png Leather
5 × Clay.png Clay

The Firearm Worktable is a crafting structure in Pixark.


The Firearm Worktable is a mid-game structure for upgrading firearms with either modifications or enchantments.


It can only be placed on crafted blocks like Floors, Foundations, or Ceilings. It can be rotated with E before placement. It cannot be picked up. It can be painted. It cannot be painted, even though the GUI appears to allow it.


Firearm modification.png

Open the GUI by pressing E. Holding down E presents an additional option to "Demolish" the structure, returning half the materials used in its construction.

To modify your weapon, select the "Modify" tab, and place your weapon in the slot that appears near the top right. Various options for improving that weapon display in the lower section, and the current statistics for the weapon appear to the left. Materials for the upgrade must be placed in the slots of the Inventory tab. Unlike many crafting structures, the Firearm Worktable does not pull components from nearby inventories. Each upgrade type can be applied multiple times, each time adding (or subtracting) random amounts to the appropriate stats.

Similarly, the "Enchant" tab adds new capabilities to the weapon.


Each weapon has its own upgradeable characteristics, which modify the weapon's basic stats.

Additional notes[]

The Firearm Workbench, once you have unlocked the engram, is located in the Workbench crafting menu under Structures > Crafting.