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Engrams are permanent crafting recipes the player can unlock, and they provide a means of advancement & progression for players in Pixark. Engrams cannot be refunded after unlocking, they persist through player death, and do not take up any Weight or inventory space. Once Engrams are unlocked through leveling up and spending EP (Engram Points), you can Craft various items such as Weapons, Equipment and Armor. Engrams come in 5 "sub-types" and are as following:


List of engrams[]

For engram lists separated by skill, see their respective pages above.

Note: the following tables are incomplete, but are set up to automatically update as more pages are filled in.

Required level: 0
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wood Axe.png Wood Axe 0
Wood Pickaxe.png Wood Pickaxe 0
Wood Stick.png Wood Stick 0
Torch.png Torch 0
Required level: 1
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Campfire.png Campfire 3
Required level: 2
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Cloth Boots.png Cloth Boots 2
Storage Box.png Storage Box 3
Cloth Gloves.png Cloth Gloves 2
Cloth Hat.png Cloth Hat 2
Cloth Shirt.png Cloth Shirt 3
Cloth Pants.png Cloth Pants 3
Required level: 3
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Thatch Wall.png Thatch Wall 3
Thatch Ceiling.png Thatch Ceiling 3
Thatch Foundation.png Thatch Foundation 3
Leather Sleeping Bag.png Leather Sleeping Bag 3
Required level: 5
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Pachy Saddle.png Pachy Saddle 9
Thatch Carpet.png Thatch Carpet 3
Rope Ladder.png Rope Ladder 3
Thatch Door.png Thatch Door 3
Required level: 6
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Spear.png Spear 3
Required level: 7
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Bamboo Wall Blueprint.png Bamboo Wall Blueprint
Bamboo Ceiling Blueprint.png Bamboo Ceiling Blueprint
Decoration Hut.png Decoration Hut
Bamboo Window Blueprint.png Bamboo Window Blueprint
Wood Ceiling.png Wood Ceiling 3
Bamboo Divider.png Bamboo Divider
Magic Carpet.png Magic Carpet
Bamboo Chair Blueprint.png Bamboo Chair Blueprint
Wood Wall.png Wood Wall 3
Bamboo Door Blueprint.png Bamboo Door Blueprint
Firefly Ceiling Lamp Blueprint.png Firefly Ceiling Lamp Blueprint
Bamboo Foundation Blueprint.png Bamboo Foundation Blueprint
Firefly Wall Lamp Blueprint.png Firefly Wall Lamp Blueprint
Bamboo Divider Blueprint.png Bamboo Divider Blueprint
Firefly Pillar Lamp Blueprint.png Firefly Pillar Lamp Blueprint
Bamboo Lamp Blueprint.png Bamboo Lamp Blueprint
Bamboo Fence Blueprint.png Bamboo Fence Blueprint
Construction Hut.png Construction Hut
Bamboo Step Blueprint.png Bamboo Step Blueprint
Wooden Floor.png Wooden Floor 3
Bamboo Roof Blueprint.png Bamboo Roof Blueprint
Wood Step.png Wood Step 3
50px Shadow Skin Carpet
Bamboo Table Blueprint.png Bamboo Table Blueprint
Required level: 9
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wooden Spike.png Wooden Spike 3
Signboard on Wood Wall.png Signboard on Wood Wall 2
Wood Chair.png Wood Chair 2
Wood Door.png Wood Door 3
Wood Window.png Wood Window 2
Wood Spike Wall.png Wood Spike Wall 3
Wood Fence.png Wood Fence 2
Wooden Sign.png Wooden Sign 2
Wood Table.png Wood Table 3
Required level: 10
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Chitin Paste.png Chitin Paste 0
Rabbit Ear Hat.png Rabbit Ear Hat 0
Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot 6
Stone Axe.png Stone Axe 8
Terror Bird Beak Helmet.png Terror Bird Beak Helmet 0
Standing Torch.png Standing Torch 4
Bed.png Bed 4
Wooden Bench.png Wooden Bench 3
Fire Stone Powder.png Fire Stone Powder 0
Wood Beast Gate.png Wood Beast Gate 6
Wooden Ladder.png Wooden Ladder 4
Bone Ash.png Bone Ash 0
Slingshot.png Slingshot 4
T. Rex Bone Helmet.png T. Rex Bone Helmet 0
Dye Workbench.png Dye Workbench
Phiomia Saddle.png Phiomia Saddle 6
Stone Pick.png Stone Pick 4
Megalodon Helmet.png Megalodon Helmet 0
Mortar and Pestle.png Mortar and Pestle 4
Tailor's Workbench.png Tailor's Workbench
Triceratops Bone Helmet.png Triceratops Bone Helmet 0
Parasaur Saddle.png Parasaur Saddle 9
Required level: 12
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Stimulant.png Stimulant 4
Clay Door.png Clay Door 4
Wood Trapdoor.png Wood Trapdoor 4
Clay Foundation.png Clay Foundation 6
Clay Stairs.png Clay Stairs 4
Clay Wall.png Clay Wall 4
Clay Window.png Clay Window 4
Clay Ceiling.png Clay Ceiling 4
Preserving Bin.png Preserving Bin 4
Required level: 14
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Feed Pot.png Feed Pot
Dodo Nest.png Dodo Nest 6
Required level: 15
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Western Wood Door Blueprint.png Western Wood Door Blueprint
Balloon Parachute.png Balloon Parachute 6
Western Wood Door.png Western Wood Door
Western Wood Chair Blueprint.png Western Wood Chair Blueprint
Feeding Trough.png Feeding Trough 6
Leather Boots.png Leather Boots 4
Western Wood Bridge.png Western Wood Bridge
Western Wood Bed Blueprint.png Western Wood Bed Blueprint
Thorny Boar Saddle.png Thorny Boar Saddle 8
Leather Coat.png Leather Coat 6
Western Wood Fence Blueprint.png Western Wood Fence Blueprint
Leather Gloves.png Leather Gloves 4
Western Wood Floor Blueprint.png Western Wood Floor Blueprint
Sleepy Arrow.png Sleepy Arrow 8
Leather Helmet.png Leather Helmet 4
Western Wood Stair Blueprint.png Western Wood Stair Blueprint
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow 4
Leather Pants.png Leather Pants 6
Western Wood Table Blueprint.png Western Wood Table Blueprint
Sleepy Potion.png Sleepy Potion 4
Western Ceiling Blueprint.png Western Ceiling Blueprint
Western Wood Wall Blueprint.png Western Wood Wall Blueprint
Western Roof Blueprint.png Western Roof Blueprint
Western Wood Window Blueprint.png Western Wood Window Blueprint
Bow.png Bow 6
Western Wood Bridge Blueprint.png Western Wood Bridge Blueprint
Candle.png Candle
Western Storage Box Blueprint.png Western Storage Box Blueprint
Required level: 16
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Stone Trapdoor.png Stone Trapdoor 4
Stone Wall.png Stone Wall 4
Stone Railing.png Stone Railing 4
Stone Door.png Stone Door 6
Stone Window.png Stone Window 6
Stone Ceiling.png Stone Ceiling 4
Stone Floor.png Stone Floor 6
Stone Ladder.png Stone Ladder 6
Required level: 18
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Stone Stair.png Stone Stair 4
Sandstone Fence.png Sandstone Fence 6
Sandstone Foundation.png Sandstone Foundation 6
Sandstone Wall.png Sandstone Wall 6
Sandstone Stair.png Sandstone Stair 6
Sandstone Ceiling.png Sandstone Ceiling 6
Required level: 20
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Candle Helmet.png Candle Helmet 10
Silver Ingot.png Silver Ingot 0
Smelter.png Smelter 10
Pteranodon Saddle.png Pteranodon Saddle 10
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot 0
Carbonemys Saddle.png Carbonemys Saddle 10
Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot 0
Simple Mask.png Simple Mask 10
Wood Hatch.png Wood Hatch 6
Ichthyosaurus Saddle.png Ichthyosaurus Saddle 10
Gasoline.png Gasoline 0
Glass.png Glass 0
Required level: 21
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Styptic.png Styptic 8
Vigor Agent.png Vigor Agent 8
Required level: 22
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Hanging Wall Torch.png Hanging Wall Torch 8
Required level: 23
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Blind Arrow.png Blind Arrow 0
Workbench.png Workbench 10
Flame Feather Costume.png Flame Feather Costume 0
Required level: 24
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Copper Axe.png Copper Axe 8
Copper Pickaxe.png Copper Pickaxe 8
Required level: 25
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Glass Wall.png Glass Wall 8
Copper Gloves.png Copper Gloves 12
Glass Floor.png Glass Floor 8
Copper Helmet.png Copper Helmet 12
Glass Gate.png Glass Gate 8
Copper Leggings.png Copper Leggings 12
Glass Window.png Glass Window 8
Copper Sword.png Copper Sword 8
Glass Fence.png Glass Fence 8
Copper Boots.png Copper Boots 12
Glass Ceiling.png Glass Ceiling 8
Copper Breastplate.png Copper Breastplate 12
Required level: 26
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Candlestick.png Candlestick
Candle Blueprint.png Candle Blueprint
Candlestick Blueprint.png Candlestick Blueprint
Wall Candlestick Blueprint.png Wall Candlestick Blueprint
Wall Candlestick.png Wall Candlestick
Required level: 27
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Copper Gate.png Copper Gate 10
Stone Beast Gate.png Stone Beast Gate 10
Copper Window.png Copper Window 8
Copper Spear.png Copper Spear 10
Required level: 28
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wood Behemoth Gate.png Wood Behemoth Gate 10
Wooden Lifting Track.png Wooden Lifting Track 10
Small Wood Lifting Platform.png Small Wood Lifting Platform 8
Required level: 29
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Fur Coat.png Fur Coat 10
Fur Gloves.png Fur Gloves 10
Fur Helmet.png Fur Helmet 10
Fur Pants.png Fur Pants 10
Fur Boots.png Fur Boots 10
Required level: 30
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Magic Workbench.png Magic Workbench 12
Wood Wand.png Wood Wand 10
Stone Fireplace.png Stone Fireplace
Copper Bone Boots.png Copper Bone Boots 10
Ice Spear.png Ice Spear 0
Doedicurus Saddle.png Doedicurus Saddle 14
Terror Bird Saddle.png Terror Bird Saddle 14
Copper Bone Shirt.png Copper Bone Shirt 10
Magic Mole's Saddle.png Magic Mole's Saddle 10
Ice Arrow.png Ice Arrow 0
Raptor Saddle.png Raptor Saddle 14
Copper Bone Gloves.png Copper Bone Gloves 10
Triceratops Saddle.png Triceratops Saddle 14
Pistol.png Pistol 10
Copper Bone Helmet.png Copper Bone Helmet 10
Angler Saddle.png Angler Saddle 14
Copper Bone Sword.png Copper Bone Sword 12
Magic Sleepy Arrow.png Magic Sleepy Arrow 8
Copper Bone Pants.png Copper Bone Pants 10
Inscription Book.png Inscription Book
Elemental Magic Shield.png Elemental Magic Shield 12
Stone Hatch.png Stone Hatch 4
Required level: 31
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Executive Style Bridge.png Executive Style Bridge
Executive Style Roof Blueprint.png Executive Style Roof Blueprint
Executive Style Ceiling.png Executive Style Ceiling 0
Executive Style Wall Blueprint.png Executive Style Wall Blueprint
Executive Style Door.png Executive Style Door
Executive Style Window Blueprint.png Executive Style Window Blueprint
Executive Style Fence.png Executive Style Fence
Executive Style Ceiling Blueprint.png Executive Style Ceiling Blueprint
Executive Style Floor.png Executive Style Floor 0
Executive Style Bridge Blueprint.png Executive Style Bridge Blueprint
Executive Style Roof.png Executive Style Roof
Executive Style Door Blueprint.png Executive Style Door Blueprint
Executive Style Sign.png Executive Style Sign
Executive Style Fence Blueprint.png Executive Style Fence Blueprint
Executive Style Wall.png Executive Style Wall 0
Executive Style Floor Blueprint.png Executive Style Floor Blueprint
Lightning Protection Helmet.png Lightning Protection Helmet 10
Executive Style Window.png Executive Style Window
Executive Style Sign Blueprint.png Executive Style Sign Blueprint
Executive Style Step Blueprint.png Executive Style Step Blueprint
Required level: 32
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Phiomia Hut.png Phiomia Hut
Fur Carpet.png Fur Carpet 12
Required level: 33
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Firearm Worktable.png Firearm Worktable
Chitin Breastplate.png Chitin Breastplate 15
Chitin Leggings.png Chitin Leggings 15
Required level: 34
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Drill.png Drill 12
Required level: 35
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Dark Magic Stone Essence.png Dark Magic Stone Essence 0
Water Magic Stone Essence.png Water Magic Stone Essence 0
Thunder Magic Stone Essence.png Thunder Magic Stone Essence 0
Earth Magic Stone Essence.png Earth Magic Stone Essence 0
Fire Magic Stone Essence.png Fire Magic Stone Essence 0
Wind Magic Stone Essence.png Wind Magic Stone Essence 0
Chitin Boots.png Chitin Boots 12
Alchemy Stove.png Alchemy Stove 12
Chitin Gauntlets.png Chitin Gauntlets 12
Chitin Helmet.png Chitin Helmet 12
Apprentice Wand.png Apprentice Wand 10
Crossbow.png Crossbow 14
Light Magic Stone Essence.png Light Magic Stone Essence 0
Required level: 36
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Beelzebufo Saddle.png Beelzebufo Saddle 9
Spring Chitin Shoes.png Spring Chitin Shoes 12
Required level: 37
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Grenade.png Grenade 12
Required level: 38
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Minitrain.png Minitrain 10
Large Storage Box.png Large Storage Box 12
Required level: 39
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Healing Potion.png Healing Potion 10
Power Potion.png Power Potion
Crucible.png Crucible 12
Vigor Potion.png Vigor Potion 10
Required level: 40
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Sword.png Iron Sword 16
Hippocampus Saddle.png Hippocampus Saddle 16
Fairy Dragon Saddle.png Fairy Dragon Saddle 12
50px Cave Hyena Saddle
Iron Gloves.png Iron Gloves 16
Metal Sickle.png Metal Sickle 18
Iron Breastplate.png Iron Breastplate 16
Centaur Saddle.png Centaur Saddle 16
Iron Boots.png Iron Boots 16
Iron Pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe 18
Elemental Coat.png Elemental Coat 18
Procoptodon Saddle.png Procoptodon Saddle 16
Ankylo Saddle.png Ankylo Saddle 16
Shadow Leopard Saddle.png Shadow Leopard Saddle 16
Iron Spring Boots.png Iron Spring Boots 16
Iron Axe.png Iron Axe 18
Iron Helmet.png Iron Helmet 16
Elemental Pants.png Elemental Pants 18
Iron Leggings.png Iron Leggings 16
Required level: 42
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Elemental Boots.png Elemental Boots 15
Elemental Gloves.png Elemental Gloves 15
Elemental Helmet.png Elemental Helmet 15
Required level: 45
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Mediterranean Fence Blueprint.png Mediterranean Fence Blueprint
Mediterranean Bed Blueprint.png Mediterranean Bed Blueprint
Mediterranean Wall Blueprint.png Mediterranean Wall Blueprint
Mediterranean Ceiling Blueprint.png Mediterranean Ceiling Blueprint
Mediterranean Step Blueprint.png Mediterranean Step Blueprint
Stone Behemoth Gate.png Stone Behemoth Gate 22
Mediterranean Bed.png Mediterranean Bed
Mediterranean Gate Blueprint.png Mediterranean Gate Blueprint
Mediterranean Window Blueprint.png Mediterranean Window Blueprint
Mediterranean Roof Blueprint.png Mediterranean Roof Blueprint
Mediterranean Table Blueprint.png Mediterranean Table Blueprint
Magic Mixture Night Vision Potion.png Magic Mixture Night Vision Potion 18
Mediterranean Storage Box Blueprint.png Mediterranean Storage Box Blueprint
Magic Mixture Holy Light.png Magic Mixture Holy Light 18
Mediterranean Foundation Blueprint.png Mediterranean Foundation Blueprint
Mediterranean Bridge Blueprint.png Mediterranean Bridge Blueprint
Argentavis Saddle.png Argentavis Saddle 28
Mediterranean Chair Blueprint.png Mediterranean Chair Blueprint
Required level: 48
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Marble Foundation.png Marble Foundation 24
Marble Handrail.png Marble Handrail 20
Marble Wall.png Marble Wall 24
Marble Stair.png Marble Stair 20
Marble Ceiling.png Marble Ceiling 20
Required level: 50
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Bone Boots.png Iron Bone Boots 18
Iron Bone Gloves.png Iron Bone Gloves 18
Train Building Platform.png Train Building Platform 24
Paracer Saddle.png Paracer Saddle 20
Iron Bone Helmet.png Iron Bone Helmet 18
Stegosaurus Saddle.png Stegosaurus Saddle 16
Carnotaurus Saddle.png Carnotaurus Saddle 20
Iron Wall.png Iron Wall 24
Iron Bone Shirt.png Iron Bone Shirt 18
Iron Ceiling.png Iron Ceiling 20
Panda Saddle.png Panda Saddle 10
Iron Bone Sword.png Iron Bone Sword 24
Manta Saddle.png Manta Saddle 20
Iron Foundation.png Iron Foundation 24
Large Crop Plot.png Large Crop Plot
Sarco Saddle.png Sarco Saddle 20
Fungus Beast Saddle.png Fungus Beast Saddle 20
Iron Bone Pants.png Iron Bone Pants 18
Iron Stair.png Iron Stair 20
Megalodon Saddle.png Megalodon Saddle 20
Armadillo Saddle.png Armadillo Saddle 20
Required level: 52
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Trapdoor.png Iron Trapdoor 20
Iron Table.png Iron Table 18
Iron Ladder.png Iron Ladder 20
Iron Rod.png Iron Rod 18
Iron Window.png Iron Window 20
Iron Gate.png Iron Gate 20
Iron Signpost.png Iron Signpost 20
Iron Chair.png Iron Chair 18
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear 20
Iron Spike Wall.png Iron Spike Wall 20
Iron Handrail.png Iron Handrail 18
Required level: 54
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Iron Beast Gate.png Iron Beast Gate 28
Required level: 55
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Shotgun.png Shotgun 28
Lava Pants.png Lava Pants 0
Iron Signboard.png Iron Signboard 20
Lava Helmet.png Lava Helmet 0
Horizontal Electrical Cable.png Horizontal Electrical Cable 20
Electronics.png Electronics 20
Air Conditioner.png Air Conditioner 24
Gas Mask.png Gas Mask 24
Petroleum Barrel.png Petroleum Barrel 20
Junction Box.png Junction Box 20
Vertical Electrical Cable.png Vertical Electrical Cable 20
Polymer.png Polymer 24
Lava Boots.png Lava Boots 0
Power Generator.png Power Generator 20
Fabricator.png Fabricator 24
Lava Armor Piece.png Lava Armor Piece 0
Lava Gloves.png Lava Gloves 0
Required level: 57
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Longneck Rifle.png Longneck Rifle 28
Petroleum Slime Incubator.png Petroleum Slime Incubator 28
Required level: 60
Icon Engram EP to unlock
SCUBA Leggings.png SCUBA Leggings 20
Steel Gloves.png Steel Gloves 20
Steel Pants.png Steel Pants 20
Diving Gloves.png Diving Gloves 20
Manta Platform Saddle.png Manta Platform Saddle 24
Giant Iron Beast Gate.png Giant Iron Beast Gate 32
Felhunter Saddle.png Felhunter Saddle 24
Quetzal Saddle.png Quetzal Saddle 24
Sleepy Dart.png Sleepy Dart 24
Master Wand.png Master Wand 32
Steel Sword.png Steel Sword 28
Steel Boots.png Steel Boots 20
SCUBA Mask.png SCUBA Mask 20
Gryphon Saddle.png Gryphon Saddle 24
Steel Shirt.png Steel Shirt 20
Iron Hatch.png Iron Hatch 28
Bone Wand.png Bone Wand 26
Industrial Smelter.png Industrial Smelter
Steel Helmet.png Steel Helmet 20
Spring Steel Shoes.png Spring Steel Shoes 20
SCUBA Flippers.png SCUBA Flippers 20
Required level: 65
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Magic Academy Storage Box.png Magic Academy Storage Box
Magic Academy Ceiling Blueprint.png Magic Academy Ceiling Blueprint
Magic Academy Stone Wall.png Magic Academy Stone Wall
Magic Academy Chair Blueprint.png Magic Academy Chair Blueprint
Magic Academy Bridge.png Magic Academy Bridge
Magic Academy Bridge Blueprint.png Magic Academy Bridge Blueprint
Magic Academy Chair.png Magic Academy Chair
Magic Academy Table Blueprint.png Magic Academy Table Blueprint
Magic Academy Ceiling.png Magic Academy Ceiling
Vault.png Vault 32
Magic Academy Roof Blueprint.png Magic Academy Roof Blueprint
Magic Academy Fence.png Magic Academy Fence
Magic Academy Floor Blueprint.png Magic Academy Floor Blueprint
Magic Academy Floor.png Magic Academy Floor
Magic Academy Stone Wall Blueprint.png Magic Academy Stone Wall Blueprint
Magic Academy Fence Blueprint.png Magic Academy Fence Blueprint
Magic Academy Gate.png Magic Academy Gate
Magic Academy Storage Box Blueprint.png Magic Academy Storage Box Blueprint
Magic Academy Bed Blueprint.png Magic Academy Bed Blueprint
Magic Academy Roof.png Magic Academy Roof
Magic Academy Window Blueprint.png Magic Academy Window Blueprint
Magic Academy Gate Blueprint.png Magic Academy Gate Blueprint
Magic Academy Stone Window.png Magic Academy Stone Window
Heavy Miner's Helmet.png Heavy Miner's Helmet 28
Magic Academy Stairs Blueprint.png Magic Academy Stairs Blueprint
Magic Academy Stairs.png Magic Academy Stairs
Magic Academy Bed.png Magic Academy Bed
Required level: 70
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Metal Arrow.png Metal Arrow 28
Steel Bone Helmet.png Steel Bone Helmet 36
Steel Bone Shirt.png Steel Bone Shirt 36
Advanced Bullet.png Advanced Bullet 32
Quetzal Platform Saddle.png Quetzal Platform Saddle 28
Omnidirectional Lamppost.png Omnidirectional Lamppost 32
Steel Bone Pants.png Steel Bone Pants 36
Magician Pants.png Magician Pants 36
Steel Bone Boots.png Steel Bone Boots 36
Steel Bone Sword.png Steel Bone Sword 34
Steel Axe.png Steel Axe 32
Paracer Platform Saddle.png Paracer Platform Saddle 36
Industrial Cauldron.png Industrial Cauldron 36
Steel Bone Gloves.png Steel Bone Gloves 36
Lamp Post.png Lamp Post 32
T. Rex Saddle.png T. Rex Saddle 36
Sauropod Saddle.png Sauropod Saddle 36
Megarock Dragon Saddle.png Megarock Dragon Saddle 36
Steel Pickaxe.png Steel Pickaxe 32
Magician Coat.png Magician Coat 36
Compound Bow.png Compound Bow 32
Required level: 72
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Magician Gloves.png Magician Gloves 32
Advanced Rifle Bullet.png Advanced Rifle Bullet 32
Magician Helmet.png Magician Helmet 32
Bunk Bed.png Bunk Bed 40
Magician Boots.png Magician Boots 32
Required level: 73
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Steel Wall.png Steel Wall 40
Steel Ceiling.png Steel Ceiling 36
Steel Ladder.png Steel Ladder 36
Steel Fence.png Steel Fence 36
Steel Window.png Steel Window 36
Steel Foundation.png Steel Foundation 40
Steel Stairs.png Steel Stairs 36
Steel Gate.png Steel Gate 36
Required level: 75
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Poison Grenade.png Poison Grenade 36
Electric Prod.png Electric Prod 36
Tempered Glass Trapdoor.png Tempered Glass Trapdoor 40
Magic Lifting Track.png Magic Lifting Track 24
Rocket Propelled Grenade.png Rocket Propelled Grenade
Vertical Magic Energy Pipeline.png Vertical Magic Energy Pipeline 36
Medium Magic Lifting Platform.png Medium Magic Lifting Platform 28
Magic Radiation Crystal.png Magic Radiation Crystal 40
Rocket Launcher.png Rocket Launcher 40
Tempered Glass Ceiling.png Tempered Glass Ceiling 40
Required level: 78
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Steel Beast Gate.png Steel Beast Gate 40
Required level: 80
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Tempered Glass Hatch.png Tempered Glass Hatch 40
Sauropod Platform Saddle.png Sauropod Platform Saddle 40
Ghost Dragon Saddle.png Ghost Dragon Saddle 40
Elemental Golem Saddle.png Elemental Golem Saddle 40
Giant Steel Beast Gate.png Giant Steel Beast Gate 40