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Elemental Tree
Elemental Tree.jpg
This kind of tree frequently grows in Magic Forests. You can harvest it for useful resources.
Biome Magic Forest
Tool Stone Axe
Drops Magic Wood
Mageweave Bark
Mageweave Tree Seeds

Magic Forest Outer Ring Variant

The Elemental Trees, or Mageweave Trees as they are referred to as in the Museum, are a type of tree that grows in Pixark.


Elemental Trees are found in the Magic Forest Biome. These trees emit glowy particles and are a gorgeous sight, despite being in such a dangerous biome.

They are very valuable, as their wood is required for many items in the Magic skills Engrams.


Can be harvested for Magic Wood, Mageweave Bark, and , rarely, Mageweave Tree Seeds.

Additional Notes[]

Magic Forest Center Variant surrounded by Magic Trees.

  • The appearance of Elemental Trees varies based on how deep the Biome goes.
  • In the Museum the hologram infobox for this tree refers to it as a "Mageweave Tree", which differs from their actual in-game scan name of "Elemental Tree".