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Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean.jpg
Child Biomes:
Unique Shallows
Cave: Deep Ocean Cave
Mine: None
Ruin: Ocean Ruin
Temperature:  ???
Weather:  ???
Dangers: Drowning
Flora: Algae, Coral

The Deep Ocean biome comprises the main bodies of water for PixARK. It has numerous sub-biomes which include Rivers and Islands.

While there are references to both a Deep Ocean Outer-ring and Deep Ocean Center in-game in various scans of creatures, there is no apparent difference between these zones in the game other than the depth of the seabed. The two sub-biomes even share the exact same creature spawn list. There are several references to ocean shallows in-game, which would best equate to its outer-ring. Because of this, unlike the other biomes, it makes more sense to equate the majority of the Deep Ocean to its center zone with its outer-ring considered the Shallows.

While on a raft, the deep ocean is the safest biome to traverse.