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Cooking is the act of creating food on one or more of the cooking structures.



Uses Wood or Coal as Fuel

Cooking Pot[]

Uses Wood or Coal as Fuel

The Cooking Pot requires a Water Bag or a Copper Kettle, plus fuel to work.

Preserving Bin[]

Uses Fire Stone Powder as Fuel

Ice Cellar[]

While it hasn't got any crafting recipes, it is an essential part of Cooking. As you will use it to store foods and items that decompose. This uses snow balls as fuel, which can be crafted by Hand from snow. This block has an inventory space of 36 slots that hold up to 100 items per slot.

Fruit Display Stand[]

While it hasn't got any crafting recipes, it is an item that will help preserve foods, which also has an interactive appearance as you fill it. This particular block only holds berries with 50 slots that can hold up to 100 per slot. Does appear that it groups things together based on decomposition time remaining. Particularly useful later game when you have a Triceratops, which helps gather larger quantities of goods. This uses snow balls as fuel, which can be crafted by Hand from snow.

Compost Bin[]

This block has one crafting recipe which is Fertilizer (can only be used on Large Crop Plot), it is used in the production of defensive plants within crop plots. Any type of feces can be used as there four different kinds available in game. This process can be made easier by using the Phiomia Hut.

Dodo Nest[]

This is a structure you can use to collect Eggs from dodos. It uses berries as fuel and is an effective way to produce eggs for things like food and kibble.

Feed Pot[]

This block appears to only allow crafting bait which is used with a Fishing Rod to catch fish, which is then used to make food.

Recipe Break-Down[]


Cooked Material Raw Material
Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat Meat.png Meat
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat Raw Thigh Meat.png Raw Thigh Meat
Baked Longrass.png Baked Longrass Longrass.png Longrass
Roast Savoroot.png Roast Savoroot Savoroot.png Savoroot

Cooking Pot[]

All Cooking Pot recipes require a Water Bag or Copper Kettle

Cooked Material Raw Material
Bamboo Shoot Soup.png Bamboo Shoot Soup Bamboo Shoot.png Bamboo Shoot
Rockarrot Soup.png Rockarrot Soup Rockarrot.png Rockarrot
Bread.png Bread Wheat.png Wheat
Truffle Soup.png Truffle Soup Truffle.png Truffle

Compost Bin

Output Material Needed Resources
Fertilizer.png Fertilizer 50x Thatch.png Thatch 3x Small Dino Feces.png Feces

Feed Pot

Output Material Needed Resources
Bait 4x Meat.png Meat 2x Truffle.png Truffle 2x Mejoberry.png Mejoberry