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The Cooked Prime Meat Jerky is an item in Pixark.


Cooked Prime Meat Jerky is a consumable item which can be eaten, or used to tame wild carnivores. While still not quite as efficient for taming as Raw Thigh Meat, prime meat jerky can tame creatures substantially faster than ordinary meat, and takes much longer to spoil than its non-jerky counterpart.


Can be made from Cooked Prime Meat in a Preserving Bin. This process takes approximately 1 minute per item.

Crafting does not require any additional resources, aside from the prime meat itself, however the preserving bin must be activated (fueled with sparkpowder) in order to craft.


  • Can be eaten by humans and tames, replenishing the hunger stat as well as providing health regeneration for a short time.
  • Can be used to tame carnivores with the same effectiveness as Cooked Prime Meat.
  • Has a much longer shelf life compared to Cooked Prime Meat, making it much more suitable for long expeditions.

Additional notes[]

  • When crafting, Cooked Prime Meat cannot be pulled from other containers, it must be crafted in the Preserving Bin where the cooked prime meat is stored. This property is similarly observed when cooking Raw Thigh Meat in a campfire to obtain the precursor ingredient.
  • Only stacks up to a maximum of 3 per stack.
  • Cannot be crafted at the same time as Cooked Meat Jerky.