Pixark Wiki

Basic Gameplay[]

PixArk is a voxel based survival game that will be available through Steam. Early Access is scheduled to begin during March 2018.


  • Voxel based world (land, creatures, players, and more).
  • Taming
  • Farming
  • Building
  • PvP Combat
  • PvE Combat
  • Crafting
  • Combat includes melee, magic, ranged, naval, and mounted combat (land/air).


These controls are the defaults when the game is first started. You can change these in the Options>Buttons menu, by clicking the button assigned on screen and then pressing the key you want to assign on your keyboard.


Move Forward W
Move Backwards S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Look Left Move Mouse Left
Look Right Move Mouse Right
Look Up Move Mouse Forward
Look Down Move Mouse Backwards
Run Left Shift
Jump SpaceBar
Crouch C
Prone X


Primary Fire Left Mouse Button
Aim-Down Sights Right Mouse Button
Toggle Fists Q
Reload Weapon R
Drag Body G
Melee/Pistol Whip Left Ctrl
Toggle Weapon Attachment N


Toggle Orbit Camera(Hold) K
Zoom Camera InMouse Scroll Up
Zoom Camera OutMouse Scroll Down


Extended HUD Info(Hold) H


Open InventoryI
Access Other's Inventory(Tamed Dinos) y
Use Hotbar Slot Item 11
Use Hotbar Slot Item 22
Use Hotbar Slot Item 33
Use Hotbar Slot Item 44
Use Hotbar Slot Item 55
Use Hotbar Slot Item 66
Use Hotbar Slot Item 77
Use Hotbar Slot Item 88
Use Hotbar Slot Item 99
Use Hotbar Slot Item 100


Toggle Auto-Hide Chat Box \
Global Chat Enter
Tribe Chat /
Local Chat Insert
Scroll Chat Up Page Up
Scroll Chat Down Page Down
Push to Talk B (Hold To Talk)
Toggle Console Tab


Whistle Selection Hold `
All Follow J
One Follow (Creature you’re looking at) T
All Stop U
One Stop (Creature you’re looking at) Y
Attack My Target =
All Neutral -
All Passive ;
Attack This Target (Where cursor is pointed) .

While Mounted (Creature Or Vehicle)[]

Mount/Dismount E
Primary Fire Left Mouse Button
Alternate Fire Right Mouse Button
Jump SpaceBar
Land/Take-Off(Flying Creatures)SpaceBar
Brake X
Throw Shoulder MountR
Aileron Roll C

While in Inventory[]

Drop Item O
Transfer Stack Hold T
Transfer Half-Stack Shift + T or Ctrl + Left Mouse Button X2
Transfer Item Ctrl + T or Left Mouse Button X2
Transfer Five Items Shift + Left Mouse Button X2
Toggle Item Labels Q
Toggle to Craftables V


Emotes [ or ]
Defecate Z
Flip Wall (Rotate) E
Snap Point Cycle Q or Zwhen placing an object
Open Map M
Place/Remove Map Marker (while map is open P

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