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In Pixark, various Attributes can be leveled up to make your characters and creatures stronger.

As you progress through the game, you will gain experience by doing various things such as harvesting, crafting, and hunting. When you receive enough experience to level up, you will receive a point to be spent on your survivor's stats.



Health Increase.png Health is a representation of your current life value. If your health reaches 0, you are dead. When your health if at or below 30 HP your Character becomes Injured and will move much slower. You will have to regenerate your health by eating Cooked Meat or Bread, using a Healing Potion or through natural regeneration in order to regain normal functionality. Being attacked, falling, drowning and extreme Temperatures can all lower your health.

Winded.png Stamina is a representation of how much energy you have. Actions such as running, jumping, Swimming, Harvesting Resources and attacking will all drain your stamina. Actions that consume stamina will also cause your Food and Water levels to drop more rapidly.

Suffocation.png Oxygen is a measure of how long you can hold your breath while underwater. It also affects how fast you can move in the water. Submerging yourself in water will drain your oxygen over time. If you run out of oxygen, you will begin to Suffocate and your Health will be drained until you surface.

Food Increase.png Food is a representation of how fed you currently are. You will gradually become more hungry over time, but actions that consume Stamina will also drain your food. If your character is Cold, they will become hungry faster. If your food reaches 0, you will Starve, draining your Health and gradually increasing Torpidity.

Food can be restored by eating Berries, Meat, Vegetables, Eggs and other various Consumables.

Dehydrated.png Water is a measure of how hydrated you are. Your water levels naturally decrease over time, but actions that consume Stamina will also drain your water. If you are Hot, you will become thirsty faster. Eating Stimberries will also cause a rapid decline in water levels. If your water reaches 0, you will become Dehydrated, draining your Health and gradually increasing Torpidity. You can refill your water by drinking from a body of water or using a Stone Water Tap, Water Bag, Copper Kettle or submerging yourself.

Encumbered.png Weight is a measure of how much you are carrying. Every item has a weight value, and if the total weight value of everything you are carrying becomes too great, you will slow down or even stop. If your carried weight becomes equal to or greater than about 85% of your total weight, you will become Encumbered, which will slow your Movement Speed considerably and render you unable to jump. If your carried weight becomes equal to or greater than your total weight, you will be unable to move at all until you drop enough items.

Injured.png Melee Damage is a basic statistic for both Character and Creatures. It is a measure of the amount of extra damage dealt when attacking or yield when harvesting renewable resources. Thus a higher damage kills creatures and other players, harvest Resources, in fewer hits.

Cold.png Fortitude is a measure of your resistance against the Weather, Torpidity and Disease. A higher fortitude increases your natural hypothermic and hyperthermic insulation and lessens the effects that you receive from Hypothermia and Hyperthermia. It also gives you resistance to Torpidity-increasing effects such as consumption of Sleepy Potion, hits from Sleepy Arrow or Slingshot and torpidity-inducing attacks from creatures.

Crafting.png Crafting Speed is a measure of how fast you Craft items and also which quality they have. Higher crafting skill reduces the amount of time it takes to craft an item, allow you to craft more items in a shorter amount of time. Since you are slower while crafting, this also reduces the amount of time that you are slowed from crafting on the go.

Movement Increase.png Movement Speed is a measure of how fast you can move. Your Weight will also affect your movement speed while Crafting, Encumbered or Injured. Oxygen Increases movement speed while swimming.

Poisoned.png Torpidity is the measure of weariness for a Human or Creature. If your torpidity reaches 200, you will become unconscious and unable to do anything leaving you an easy target to attack or theft.