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The Architecture skill (or Architecture Master) is one of the engram skill trees.

Unlike other engram skill trees, Architecture Master engrams cannot be unlocked with engram points. Instead, they can unlocked with consumable blueprints that permanently unlock them for the player to craft. These blueprint can be found in supply drops and dungeon chests.

Engrams blueprint location:[]

Bamboo Set: Broken Ruin (rare)

Western set: supply drop (common), Broken Ruin

Executive style set: Dungeon Ruin (rare)

Mediterranean set: supply drop

Magic academy set: Ocean Ruin (common), Pyramid Ruin (rare), gold supply drop (rare)

Firefly lamps set: Supply drop

List of engrams[]

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Required level: 7
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Bamboo Fence Blueprint.png Bamboo Fence Blueprint
Bamboo Step Blueprint.png Bamboo Step Blueprint
Bamboo Divider.png Bamboo Divider
Bamboo Roof Blueprint.png Bamboo Roof Blueprint
Bamboo Table Blueprint.png Bamboo Table Blueprint
Bamboo Wall Blueprint.png Bamboo Wall Blueprint
Bamboo Ceiling Blueprint.png Bamboo Ceiling Blueprint
Bamboo Window Blueprint.png Bamboo Window Blueprint
Bamboo Chair Blueprint.png Bamboo Chair Blueprint
Bamboo Door Blueprint.png Bamboo Door Blueprint
Firefly Ceiling Lamp Blueprint.png Firefly Ceiling Lamp Blueprint
Bamboo Foundation Blueprint.png Bamboo Foundation Blueprint
Firefly Wall Lamp Blueprint.png Firefly Wall Lamp Blueprint
Bamboo Divider Blueprint.png Bamboo Divider Blueprint
Firefly Pillar Lamp Blueprint.png Firefly Pillar Lamp Blueprint
Bamboo Lamp Blueprint.png Bamboo Lamp Blueprint
Required level: 15
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Western Wood Wall Blueprint.png Western Wood Wall Blueprint
Western Roof Blueprint.png Western Roof Blueprint
Western Wood Window Blueprint.png Western Wood Window Blueprint
Western Wood Bridge Blueprint.png Western Wood Bridge Blueprint
Western Storage Box Blueprint.png Western Storage Box Blueprint
Western Wood Door.png Western Wood Door
Western Wood Door Blueprint.png Western Wood Door Blueprint
Western Wood Bridge.png Western Wood Bridge
Western Wood Chair Blueprint.png Western Wood Chair Blueprint
Western Wood Bed Blueprint.png Western Wood Bed Blueprint
Western Wood Fence Blueprint.png Western Wood Fence Blueprint
Western Wood Floor Blueprint.png Western Wood Floor Blueprint
Western Wood Stair Blueprint.png Western Wood Stair Blueprint
Western Wood Table Blueprint.png Western Wood Table Blueprint
Western Ceiling Blueprint.png Western Ceiling Blueprint
Required level: 26
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Wall Candlestick.png Wall Candlestick
Candlestick.png Candlestick
Candle Blueprint.png Candle Blueprint
Candlestick Blueprint.png Candlestick Blueprint
Wall Candlestick Blueprint.png Wall Candlestick Blueprint
Required level: 31
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Executive Style Fence Blueprint.png Executive Style Fence Blueprint
Executive Style Window.png Executive Style Window
Executive Style Floor Blueprint.png Executive Style Floor Blueprint
Executive Style Sign Blueprint.png Executive Style Sign Blueprint
Executive Style Bridge.png Executive Style Bridge
Executive Style Step Blueprint.png Executive Style Step Blueprint
Executive Style Ceiling.png Executive Style Ceiling 0
Executive Style Roof Blueprint.png Executive Style Roof Blueprint
Executive Style Door.png Executive Style Door
Executive Style Wall Blueprint.png Executive Style Wall Blueprint
Executive Style Fence.png Executive Style Fence
Executive Style Window Blueprint.png Executive Style Window Blueprint
Executive Style Floor.png Executive Style Floor 0
Executive Style Ceiling Blueprint.png Executive Style Ceiling Blueprint
Executive Style Roof.png Executive Style Roof
Executive Style Bridge Blueprint.png Executive Style Bridge Blueprint
Executive Style Sign.png Executive Style Sign
Executive Style Door Blueprint.png Executive Style Door Blueprint
Executive Style Wall.png Executive Style Wall 0
Required level: 45
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Mediterranean Gate Blueprint.png Mediterranean Gate Blueprint
Mediterranean Bridge Blueprint.png Mediterranean Bridge Blueprint
Mediterranean Roof Blueprint.png Mediterranean Roof Blueprint
Mediterranean Chair Blueprint.png Mediterranean Chair Blueprint
Mediterranean Storage Box Blueprint.png Mediterranean Storage Box Blueprint
Mediterranean Fence Blueprint.png Mediterranean Fence Blueprint
Mediterranean Foundation Blueprint.png Mediterranean Foundation Blueprint
Mediterranean Bed Blueprint.png Mediterranean Bed Blueprint
Mediterranean Wall Blueprint.png Mediterranean Wall Blueprint
Mediterranean Ceiling Blueprint.png Mediterranean Ceiling Blueprint
Mediterranean Step Blueprint.png Mediterranean Step Blueprint
Mediterranean Window Blueprint.png Mediterranean Window Blueprint
Mediterranean Table Blueprint.png Mediterranean Table Blueprint
Required level: 65
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Magic Academy Stairs.png Magic Academy Stairs
Magic Academy Fence Blueprint.png Magic Academy Fence Blueprint
Magic Academy Storage Box Blueprint.png Magic Academy Storage Box Blueprint
Magic Academy Stone Wall.png Magic Academy Stone Wall
Magic Academy Bed Blueprint.png Magic Academy Bed Blueprint
Magic Academy Window Blueprint.png Magic Academy Window Blueprint
Magic Academy Bed.png Magic Academy Bed
Magic Academy Gate Blueprint.png Magic Academy Gate Blueprint
Magic Academy Bridge.png Magic Academy Bridge
Magic Academy Stairs Blueprint.png Magic Academy Stairs Blueprint
Magic Academy Chair.png Magic Academy Chair
Magic Academy Ceiling Blueprint.png Magic Academy Ceiling Blueprint
Magic Academy Ceiling.png Magic Academy Ceiling
Magic Academy Chair Blueprint.png Magic Academy Chair Blueprint
Magic Academy Fence.png Magic Academy Fence
Magic Academy Bridge Blueprint.png Magic Academy Bridge Blueprint
Magic Academy Floor.png Magic Academy Floor
Magic Academy Table Blueprint.png Magic Academy Table Blueprint
Magic Academy Gate.png Magic Academy Gate
Magic Academy Roof Blueprint.png Magic Academy Roof Blueprint
Magic Academy Roof.png Magic Academy Roof
Magic Academy Floor Blueprint.png Magic Academy Floor Blueprint
Magic Academy Stone Window.png Magic Academy Stone Window
Magic Academy Stone Wall Blueprint.png Magic Academy Stone Wall Blueprint