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Crafting the Challenge Gate[]

See: Ancient Wyvern King Challenge Gate

Powering the Gate[]

Ancient Wyvern King.png

The player can access the Ancient Wyvern King by powering one of the types of an Ancient Wyvern King Challenge Gate.png Ancient Wyvern King Challenge Gate with six Energy Stone.png Energy Stone, which the player can craft at an Alchemy Stove.png Alchemy Stove for 30 Void Energy.png Void Energy per stone. Thereafter the gate remains powered unless it is destroyed.

Challenging the Ancient Wyvern King[]

Once you have powered the gate, look at the gate's frame and press the use key (PC default E) to select "Begin Challenge Dragon Nest!" Thereafter you and up to five tames will transport the Ancient Wyvern King arena. You will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete the challenge.