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The following is a list of achievements for the game Pixark. There are currently 9 achievements.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description[sic] Unlock conditions
Enemies of Rex.jpg Enemies of Rex Rex is not the most dangerous animal,but you are Kill a T. Rex
Explorer.jpg Explorer Explored the DoomLand Enter the Doomland
Fashion.jpg Fashion Collected your first cloth Make Cloth Armor
First Partner.jpg First Partner Get a good partner Tame a Pachy
First Show.jpg First Show A poor creature was killed by you Kill a Dodo
KingSlayer.jpg KingSlayer Now you have killed the strongest creature in this plant. Kill the Death Lord
King of the Sky.jpg King of the Sky Quetzalcoatius is the one you must needed Tame a Quetzalcoatius
Strong Man.jpg Strong Man You are the strongest man in this plant Reach Level 80
Unjust Enrichment.jpg Unjust Enrichment Take those treasure away Loot a Dungeon Chest