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Released - April 19, 2018

Official notes

Stop right there Explorers. We got some fixes coming your way in version 1.9 that will be improving your game play experience in PixARK! Remember to continue to provide to us feedback regarding game play and balancing. Together, we will build a better PixARK!


  • Official Servers are now Battle Eye Enabled
  • Large Crop Plot can now be passworded
  • Task/Mission interface in the M menu has been sized down a bit and should no longer cut off words in the task.
  • No longer able to see creature info details during terrain collision.
  • Added Russian language
  • Reduced damage to players from wild creatures by 25%


  • Fixed issue with crop seeds disappearing after leaving render range
  • Fixed issue with tribe creature limits after transforming into a werewolf
  • Fixed issue with disappearing weapons when using the gunsmith bench when over weight.
  • Fixed issue with some procedural quests not able to be completed.
  • Fixed issue with PixBlocks able to be force used in the Museum.
  • Fixed issue with water blocks being used to murder on land.
  • Fixed issue with the inability to place blocks directly under a bed.
  • Fixed issue with the inability to craft certain furniture items in the Mage Academy type blocks.
  • Fixed issue with Map having a chance to bug out resulting in players being stuck or creatures disappearing.
  • Fixed issue with over head displays for certain structures such as weapon rack being unable to be dispayed in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with electric rod doing damage to certain structures.
  • Fixed issue with itemization from beacon drops.
  • Fixed issue with Wild Quetzal's AI behavior.
  • Fixed issue with aquatic creatures taking fall damage when player leaves render range.
  • Fixed issue with AI movement for aquatic creatures.
  • Fixed issue with creatures spawning in bases after server restarts.
  • Fixed issue with model collision on the Alchemy Furnace
  • Fixed issue with positioning of Rex Saddle, Sauropod Saddle, Armadillo Saddle.
  • Fixed issue with train cart's inability to be properly controlled.
  • Fixed issue with Bone wand's damage being irregular.
  • Fixed issue with certain structures in the ruins blocking creature damage
  • Fixed issue with rafts disappearing under particular conditions.
Known stealth changes