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Released - April 12, 2018

Official Notes

Hello Hello Adventurer! We got another round of bug fixes and updates for you! Again, thank you for your feedback over the last few days, we still have some outstanding issues we are trying to resolve. In the mean time, let us know how you feed about the new server type: Chaos Server!

Added Non-Dedicated Servers

New server type, Chaos Servers. Launch time to be announced!

Added French localization. Needs community improvement!

Added difficulty ranking to creatures in the world, visible when you highlight a creature.
Increased tame limit from 25 to 35.
Optimized Relic Boss drop tables. Will no longer drop lower quality items.

  • Fixed Water Magic damage on metal tier and above structures.
  • Fixed the ability to construct outside world boundies.
  • Fixed issue where taming progression could not be saved
  • Fixed enchanted rocket launcher's damage.
  • Fixed magical bullet's damage to structures.
  • Fixed Water magic's damage to certain structures pieces.
  • Fixed creature's chance to glitch through structures and damage structures inside houses.
  • Fixed a situation where flow of water will cause player to get stuck in the structure
  • Fixed ability for Bone Steel sword to damage bronze structures.
  • Fixed gun's irregular melee damage.
  • Fixed whistle sounds.
  • Fixed various issues with saddles not properly displaying the correct model.
  • Fixed magic shield's vfx not displaying properly.
  • Tuned Ice Boss skills.
  • Fixed some platform saddle icons not displaying proper information.
  • Fixed grapple hook's sound effect.
  • Fixed sound effect of stunned creatures.
  • Fixed carbonemy animation when being attacked.
  • Fixed darkwood table's receipe issue.
  • Fixed issue with electric prod not losing durability.
  • Fixed issue with Behemoth draw bridge sometimes not properly functioning.
  • Fixed issue with Shining Wand not being able to collect blocks.
  • Fixed issue with display data on scanning between owners of tames.

Known stealth changes