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Released - April 6, 2018

Official notes

Dear Explorers, we're working on improving the game play experience based on feedback from the community. We are still working on lots of fixes and will be optimizing the experience overall. Hang tight!

  • Added German language setting. Needs community improvement.
  • Made stronger scroll summoned Zombies, Skeletons and Plague effects.
  • Adjusted Player vs Player melee effectiveness.
  • Added respawn option in ESC menu.
  • Can now see creature level via creature scanner.
  • Spring Chitin Shoes reduce fall damage now.
  • Smoke from the Smelter has been reduced in height it rises.


  • Resolved issue with rocket launcher's damage value not being correct.
  • Resolved issue with wild mushroom's damage value not being * correct.
  • Resolved issue with items not decaying properly in workstations.
  • Resolved issue with item loss when dying on a mount.
  • Resolved issue with industrial smelter placement.
  • Resolved issue with Steam Achievements
  • Resolved issue with Soil Privilege Marker upper limits calculation.
  • Resolved issue with Spring Chitin Shoes unable to be created on the fabricator.
  • Resolved issue with characters being stuck in terrain sometimes.
  • Resolved issue with the Copper Kettle unable to be used water tap.
  • Resolved shining wand effect issue.
Known Stealth changes