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Released - April 3, 2018

Official notes

Greetings Explorers! We've worked hard over the last few days on feedback from the community for a spectrum of bug and optimization fixes in this build. We understand adventuring in Early Access may be stressful to some, but we appreciate every bit of help that we have been receiving to date. Please continue to let us know about issues as they are discovered!


  • Increased maximum number mid sized creatures.
  • Remove Sauropods from new player zones.
  • Adjusted melee range of magical weapons.
  • Decreased effectiveness of a saddle.
  • Decreased effectiveness of a melee weapon vs different types of structures.
  • Decreased effectiveness of an arrow from a bow that is not at max draw for power.
  • Optimized effectiveness of Copper Armor.
  • Decreased effectiveness of a shield.


  • Loot no longer drops from creatures fighting each other.
  • Workbench works under all circumstances
  • Stone Petroleum Pipes should all work properly now.
  • Can now place bed on raft
  • Treasure and relic chests now refresh properly.
  • Fixed chitin bouncy boots, should behave properly.
  • Fixed some instances where the tame Pteranodon quest could not be completed.
  • Placed password on the PixBlock storage chest.
  • The arrow tower can now properly create magical arrows.
  • During respawn, balloons should deploy properly every time.
  • Relic locations respawn should now properly reflect in the mini map.
  • Plantlife should now properly respawn.
  • Seeds should now drop properly in game.
Known stealth changes
  • Changes to weapon damage modifiers of most creatures
  • Lowered projectile life of many wand spells
  • Lowered weapon level of many wand spells