Released - July 17th, 2018

Hey Explorers, we have details on the latest patch for PixARK, which is already live, and it have some pretty exciting news! Along with a few bug fixes, mod support is officially available with the PixARK Mod Kit! For further details check out the full patch notes below.

We have a few details on the dev kit, and how Explorers can start creating their very own mods!

  • The PixARK Mod Kit can now be downloaded from the Epic Games Launcher and mods can be shared using the Steam Workshop.
  • Explorers will also be able to view and download mods created by the community by visiting the PixARK Workshop.
  • By subscribing to mods, notifications will be sent out automatically when an update or news is released about your favorite mods! Explorers can access the Steam Workshop via the in-game button, and then select mods to download and subscribe to.
  • Explorers can also decide which mods they’d like to implement in their hosted dedicated servers and LAN experiences. Other Explorers who join these dedicated server and LAN games will automatically download the mods chosen and have them implemented in their clients.

We’re really exciting to bring the PixARK Mod Kit to our community. We know there are a ton of Explorers out there that have amazing ideas for PixARK, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’re planning on releasing more in depth information on how to access and use the PixARK Mod Kit in the near future.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where PixBlocks would randomly glitch into the terrain and disappear when being thrown.
  • Fixed an issue where defeated Explorers would lead to equipment loss when resource durability was set to 0 in single player or dedicated server.

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