Pixark Wiki

Released - June 21st, 2018

Hello Friends! We have another PixARK patch coming your way, with some new adjustments. This week, we’re focusing on creature stats, as well as balancing items for both PvE and PvP. You can check out all of the changes we’ve made below. Thank you for the constant support during PixARK’s Early Access!

  • Tamed Gargoyles’ stats have been adjusted in this patch. Max hp has been increased from 3300 to 5700, max damage increased from 205 to 242, max Torpor increased from 2420 to 2710, and flight speed reduced from 30m/s to 16m/s
  • Reduced the sprint speed for: Fairy Dragon’s Ichthyosaurus, Pegasus, Procoptodon, Pteranodon, and Quetzal from 18m/s to 16m/s
  • Fixed an issue where some creatures were incorrectly granted faster movement speed after consuming some items. Tames can no longer use Swiftness Potion, Cooked Longrass, and Concentrated Fruit Juice.
  • Increased damage for Sleepy Arrow, Blind Arrow, and Ice Arrow when equipped on a Crossbow and reduced damage for Magic Sleepy Arrow when equipped on a Bow.
  • Fixed an issue where DOT (damage over time) buff would randomly have incorrect damages for: Fellhunter, Ghost Dragon, Armadillo, Fire Elemental, Fire Spider, Thorny Boar, Elite Skeleton(Ruins), Elite Zombie(Ruins), Mummy King(Ruins), and Mushroom.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice and Blind Arrows were damaging Steel, Iron, Tempered Glass, and Magical Structures