Pixark Wiki

Released - May 31st, 2018

Hello Friends! Got a few new items for you to try out in this latest version. We're also continuing to improve the game play experience with lots of fixes and optimization. Keep the great feedback coming, we appreciate it!

  • Added Japanese Localization

New Additions[]

  • Added functional structure, Grinder. It allows you to disintegrate rock block into flint; it also allows you to get some resources back from crafted equipment and items
  • Added functional structure, Fireplace. It keeps you warm. House with fireplace is able to keep its interior from cold temperature, and players are able to craft it at lower levels
  • Added entertainment item, War Drum. It is a playable instrument that plays five different types of drumming


  • Modified Elemental Spirit's model and animations
  • Adjust the icons for items in electrolytic tank inventory to allow clearer display
  • Fixed model issues with centaurs. Their arms should no longer float.
  • Remove Scuba Gear's durability loss


  • Fixed an issue with Ballista Turret not being able to fire
  • Fixed an issue with Catapult Turret not being able to fire
  • Fixed an issue with floating platform saddles from dead creatures responding to whistle commands.
  • Fixed an issue in the Respawn UI with the backpack timer disappearing randomly.
  • Fixed issue with Steam Achievements reward chest not being able to be opened by pressing F.