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Released – May 17, 2018

Official notes[]

Greetings Explorers! We're moving along with more balancing changes and adjustment to the raiding meta. Along with this, we have exposed more customization options for Single Player, Non-Dedicated as well as Dedicated servers! Enjoy PixARK the way you want it!


  • Single Player, Non Dedicated and Dedicated game settings customization has been added. From 1x to 100x!
    • Gathering Rates
    • Resource respawn rates
    • Player Damage Modifier
    • Player Toughness Modifier
    • Player water consumption rate
    • Player food consumption rate
    • Player stamina consumption rate
    • Player health regeneration rate
    • Creature attack damage modifier
    • Creature toughness modifier
    • Taming speed modifier
    • Creature food consumption rate
    • Creature health regeneration rate
    • Building defense type damage modifier
    • Building armor modifier
    • Experience gain modifier
  • Increased drop of Shark Skin from 1 to 3.
  • Decreased magical ceiling's crafting requirements, from 3 magical wood and silver ingots to 1 of each.
  • On Fury and Chaos servers, increased the drop rate of high quality loot from Gold Chests, decreased drop rate of primal quality and bronze ingots.
  • Elementals golems will no longer eat cooked meat.
  • Elemental golems will only mitigate damage by 50% for earth magic, will not longer be immune.
  • Elemental golems' resistance to turrets has been decreased from 80% to 50%
  • Elemental Golems's rock throw has been balanced. Area of Effect damage decreased from 80 to 40. Range of the area has been increased from 3 meters to 5 meters.
  • Increased all defensive plant health points to 5000. * Balanced damage from creatures, magic and ranged weapons on defensive plants to be the same as versus their wild versions.


  • Fixed issue when creating an item, under certain conditions crafting materials are locked into the workbench being used.
  • Fixed description info for 5 new types of structures (Crystal, Sea Crystal, Volcanic, Shining, and Darkwood)
  • Fixed issue with level 120 creatures gathering rates being abnormal.
  • Fixed issue with Mechanical Arm Fabricator not return the correct amount of materials on demolish command.

Unlisted Changes[]

None yet.