Pixark Wiki

Released – May 03, 2018

Official notes[]

Another round of optimization and fixes based on your feedback. We're working hard to resolve some of the core issues and will be looking forward to our XBOX Multiplayer Launch coming very soon.

  • Added Korean Language


  • Optimized soil privelege marker's extention time from 1 hour to 3 hours.
  • Balances against 3 & 4 difficulty creatures. Adjusted damage of Copper Sword and Copper Spear against specter wolf, dungbeetle, goblin, mushroom, carbonemys, chomper, and green vine. Also increase Copper Bone sword damage against

doed, raptor, terror bird, triceratop, trapa, muscipula, nepentes and Sporemushroom.

  • Reduced the amount of Sharp Crystals required for crafting Electronics from 3 down to 1.
  • Added Sulfur to the exchange at the Goblin Trading Desk.
  • Decreased Doed's defensive mode damage reduction from 100% to 50%.


  • Fixed issue with iron gate, iron beast gate, copper gate, copper beast gate, magic academy gate giving improper amount of resources during demolish actions.
  • Fixed issue with entire stacks of bone ash disappearing uner certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue with being able to see through terrain after walking through a portal.
  • Fixed issue with pioneering servers certain structures not allowing construction to occur within 8 tiles.
  • Fixed issue with rafts adding to the creature limit count.
  • Fixed issue with Crystal Door being swapped with Crystal Ceiling causing the inability to craft Crystal Door.
  • Fixed issue with aquatic spawns dying when deployed from PixBlock.
  • Fixed Phinomia Hut and Petroleum Slime Incubator's health pool.
  • Fixed issue with tribe journal not properly displaying information.
  • Fixed issue with certain pixels disappearing from head of creatures.
  • Fixed issue with tamed gargoyles, elemental golems, treants not able to be targeted by wild creatures.
  • Fixed issue with Portugese language on Steam.
  • Fixed issue with fabricator not displaying the animation when turned on.
  • Fixed issue with guns not being able to be dragged from hotbar or gunsmith bench into the production slot directly.
  • Fixed issue flier pathing when attempting to land on their own.

Unlisted Changes[]

  • Gargoyles have been adjusted to use more stamina when attacking.
  • Players have reported a change in the Ice Fairy Chest loot table, with them mostly dropping ammo now but with a rare chance for high level weapons and armor.